Blogging Tips & Tricks - So You Have Created Your Blog, Now What? Finding Blog Post Inspiration | Life Of Dahlia

Blogging Tips & Tricks – So You Have Created Your Blog, Now What. – Finding Blog Post Inspiration | Life Of Dahlia

Hey Everyone, If you have been following my ‘Blogging Tips & Trick’s‘ series you may have read my ‘Why You Should Start A Blog, which talks about starting a blog, Creating A Blog which goes through how to create a blog on WordPress & Blogger. And ‘Choosing a Theme For Your Blog which talks about finding a theme for your blog and editing it to suit your style.

Now that you have your blog set up your probably wondering what now?

Coming up with blog post ideas can be hard at times but it doesn’t have to be, I’m going to share with you how I come up with ideas for my blog posts and share a list with you to prompt some ideas for your blog. These may be more beauty, lifestyle ideas but hopefully, they will help you get some ideas.

How I Come Up With Ideas

I find inspiration from lots of places, but I do find that searching Pinterest or following other bloggers or Youtuber’s can be a great source of inspiration. Its okay to be inspired by ideas from other people there are many types of post out there that are common types of posts among bloggers like favourites, empties, etc, which no one will be offended if you borrow these ideas.

However If you find something truly unique that you would like to do your own take on like a ‘tag post’ it’s always polite to credit the original creator. I’ve done several ‘tag posts’ and I always credit the original creator. For example, ‘If I Could Only Choose One Tag‘, ‘Unusual Products I Love‘ or ‘Secret Loves: LE & Discontinued Products That I Love’, I’ve credited every single creator and included links to the original post or video.

I was finding a lot of different posts about blogging and social media tips and trick, and while there is an abundance out there I wanted to put my own spin on it. I find that a lot of the posts out there can be really overwhelming especially about starting a blog, so I was inspired to give people something that might be less overwhelming.

I’ll be including some links at the end of this post that to some blog posts that may include some more helpful ideas than the ones I’m going to give you below. You will also be able to download a pdf with some of the ideas I’ve included in this post to take with you to keep handy when you are coming up with ideas for your posts.

Note: these blog post ideas can easily be translated into video ideas if you have a youtube channel.

If you know of the original creator of any of these ideas and I haven’t properly credited them please comment below this post and I will add the proper credits next to the idea.

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

  • Monthly Favourites – Share your favourite or least favourite products of the month.
  • Favourite or Go-To products – Share your favourite or Go-to products that you use all the time. It could be hair, skincare or makeup.
  • Product Reviews – Share product reviews, It could be new products that you have purchased or review one of your favourite products.
  • Current Skincare Routine – If you have one why not share what you are currently using.
  • Project Pan – (intro + updates) If you do a project pan why not document it.
  • Makeup or Product Wishlists – Whats on your wishlist? Share new or existing products that you are interested in.
  • Empties – Share products that you have used up, did you like them and would you repurchase?
  • Wear Test – Testing the duration of a product, like a lipstick or foundation.
  • Must have affordable/ drugstore product essentials – include number in the title for example 4 must have drugstore products.
  • Seasonal makeup essentials – for example summer, winter.
  • Seasonal go-to’s – for example go to products for summer.
  • Favourite Products from a favourite brand – talk about your favourite products from one of your favourite brands, what do you love about them.
  • First impression – your thoughts after trying a product/s for the first time.
  • Recaps – could be monthly similar to favourites or follow up to a haul post or try out/ first impressions.
  • Beauty or product subscription box haul and/or
    try on – do you get a subscription box do a haul or
    review post and show what products you receive.
  • Beauty bucket list – things you would like to learn or
    achieve (credit – it’s me Hunter.)
  • Best and worst products of _____ (year) – what were your favourite or least favourite products of the year.
  • Anti- haul or products that do and don’t interest
    you. (credit – I believe that Kimberly Clark is the original creator of the Anti-haul.) The idea of an Anti-haul is to talk about products that don’t interest you and talk about why they don’t.
  • Product haulsbeauty, fashion, etc
  • Product hacks – how to, d.i.y
  • Seasonal makeup looks – holidays (Christmas, new years), seasons (summer, winter.)
  • Products you would or wouldn’t repurchase – talk about why you would or wouldn’t repurchase.
  • __* brands I want to try out (optional include number for example 3 beauty brands I want to try out.)
  • Products you loved that other people didn’t like – hyped up products that you liked that a lot of other people didn’t, talk about why.
  • Products I didn’t like that other people do – hyped up products that a lot of people liked that you didn’t, talk about why.
  • Declutter- decluttering your stash let people know what you are getting rid of and why.
  • Beauty makeup collection– could be a series.

Beauty Tags or Challenges (original creators credited below)

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  • Blog Intro – Introduce yourself to your readers.
  • Personal Stories – tell a story about an experience you have had.
  • Travel Wishlist or Bucketlist – Share a list of places you would love to travel to.
  • Bucket list – What are some things you would love to do or goals you would like to achieve.
  • Reverse Bucket List – Similar to a personal story you talk about something that you did or a goal you have achieved.
  • How To – Is there a skill that you have that you would like to share with your readers or something you know how to do, why not write a blog post. Remember to include pictures to help people follow along if you do this in a tutorial step by step style.
  • Food (recipe)- Do you have a favourite Recipe, why not share it with your readers (include pictures)
  • Food (what I’ve been eating) – If your interested in sharing food on your blog why not document what you have been eating by sharing pictures and a few words on each item you ate.
  • Room tour (share your creative space)
  • Resolutions/ goals – talk about goals or resolutions you have for the year ahead.
  • Fashion D.I.Y’S – Do you love taking a piece of clothing and making it your own share a step by step tutorial with readers/viewers.
  • Travel hauls – Share your travel purchases.
  • Travel recap – what you did on holiday.
  • Introducing My Pets – You could probably come up with a better title, but most people love animals so why not share yours with your readers.
  • Favourite books, movies, tv shows. – could be a list or review of a particular book or movie.
  • Favourite Instagram or YouTube accounts to follow – these are fun and easy little post, share with your readers Instagram accounts or Youtube Channels that inspire you or that you just genuinely enjoy.
  • Organization – how you stay organized or how you keep your collection organized.

Download list \/ \/ \/

Download my list here to keep a copy close at hand, I’ve included a few blank pages for you to write down your own ideas.

Where You Can Find More Ideas

As I mentioned before I’ve also included a few links to blog posts that might also help you come up with more ideas for your blog posts,

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope its inspired you to get writing. If you have any questions just leave a comment below and I’ll answer as best as possible.


Image Credits – Cover image by Freepik , cover edited by me.

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Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored and doesn’t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product.

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