Blogging TIps & Tricks - Finding The Right Theme & Editing It For Your Blog | | Life Of Dahlia

Blogging Tips & Tricks – Finding The Right Theme & Editing It For Your Blog || Life Of Dahlia

Hey guys, welcome back to the next instalment of my blogging tips and tricks series, last time I went through ‘Creating A Blog’ and today I’m going to share with you ‘how to choose the right theme for your blog and how to edit it.’

I will be doing a two-part post sharing with you how to pick and edit a theme on both and In this post, I will be going through picking a theme on Blogger, If you want to know how to choose and edit themes on WordPress you can check it out here.

Let’s Get Started

First off you will see this screen when you log in to Blogger, from here you will need to click on ‘Themes’ which you can find in the sidebar.

Blogging Tips & Tricks – Finding The Right Theme & Editing It For Your Blog || Life Of Dahlia

You will then be taken to this screen.

You can scroll down and find all the ‘Theme’ options available. You will notice that there is a Customize and Edit HTML buttons, if you have knowledge or HTML then you will have the ability to further customize your blog. Blogger also allows you to upload custom ‘Themes’ by clicking on the backup/restore button in the upper right hand corner.


This is an advance step but this area also allows you to backup your blog.


Back to the ‘Themes’ page, if you scroll down you will be able to see the options available for each ‘Theme’, you can also click to preview each ‘Theme’ to take a closer look.

You can ‘Apply to Blog’  or click on the ‘Customize’ button to try it out without committing just yet, this allows you to try out options and see what it might look like and once you have something you are happy with you can ‘Apply’ to your blog.


This is the screen you will see if you click ‘Customize’, you can still scroll through to see how the themes look on your blog, which is a great feature.

On the left you will see a series of tabs, ‘Themes’, ‘Background’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Gadgets’.

In the ‘Background’ tab it will give you the ability to change up the colours of your ‘Theme’ and add an image as your ‘Background’. For now, I’m going to leave mine as is.


‘Advanced’ gives you a whole lot of options, including Background colours for the body. fonts, font colours, options for you feature post colours and so much more. If your Advanced and know how to use CSS you can further customize the look of your site.


Depending on your ‘theme’ options may look a little different.

In the ‘Gadgets’ tab you will have options on what you want to appear on your site, including the option to ‘show about me’, ‘show pages’, ‘Archives’, etc.


Some ‘Themes’ will also give you the option to change the layout of your page, and ‘Adjust the width’ of your page, like in the image below.


Another option available for some ‘Themes’ is to edit your ‘Mobile View’ this can be found via the main ‘Themes’ page.

Some themes have an automatic theme available and others you choose the option. Once you click on the little cog icon you will be taken to the above page, you can choose from the themes via the drop-down menu.

While Blogger does have a few options, its a lot more simplified in some aspects but doesn’t give as many individual options in this section of your themes.

You have the ability to customize menus and widgets via other parts of the site.

If your theme doesn’t give you the option to play with the layout in the ‘Customizer’ then you can edit it from the ‘Layout’ tab in the main sidebar. From here you can edit the way things are laid out, add widgets to your ‘Sidebar’ or ‘Footer’ for example.


To add a Widget or Gadget you can click on the ‘Add a Gadget’ button and you will get a pop up with the options available, you can add lots of different things from custom ‘HTML/Javascript, to ‘AdSense’ for monetization, have a scroll through and play.

That’s about it for basic customization for, choosing the right theme can be hard that’s why I think it’s a fantastic idea to use the customization tool to play before committing to something. If ones not working for you try another.

Choosing the right theme can all come down to personal style and what your blog is about. When choosing a theme, think about what you are posting on your blog, if its a food blog add a background or header for your blog that includes food.

Another little tip, try not to over clutter thing but putting too much in your sidebar, If you want to add your Facebook, Instagram that’s great, play around and see what works but remember to keep what relevant to your blog.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to seeing you for my next blog post.


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Credits – Cover Image by Freepik , cover edited by me. 

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored and doesn’t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product.

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