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Hey, my beautiful readers, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things as you might know I’ve been taking it easy, I’ve been going through a rough few weeks with anxiety, depression and fibro flare-ups. I’ve been experiencing quite a few ups and downs recently so I knew that I just had to take a step back for my own sanity, But now I’m slowly getting back into things and I’m hoping to get back into posting more regularly I’m aiming for two posts a week with maybe the occasional third.

I was just spreading myself to thin and not giving myself time to relax and breath, something which for me is very important especially with having illnesses.

Anyway getting on to today’s topic I’m sharing with you my current skincare routine, from the pictures I’ve included it may seem like overkill but each thing has its purpose, which I will tell you about as I go.


Morning Skincare Routine

For my morning skincare routine I like to cleanse my face with the ‘Essano Rosehip Gentle Foaming Cleanser’ (this has been a staple in my skincare routine for many years and I still love it) on my ‘Conair True Glow Sonic Cleansing System’ brush, I use this all over my face pretty much daily.

I’ve been trying some new products recently one of which is the ‘Blessed By Nature Retoning Facial Scrub’ I have been using this a few times a week and really enjoying it.

After I get out of the shower I like to use the ‘Blessed By Nature Hydrating Mist Toner’ to help tone my skin while adding some hydration back into my skin.

As I’m getting older I find that my skin needs products to add hydration back in, while I’ve always had Oily/Combo skin I’m finding that as I get older parts of my face are becoming dryer so I like to make sure that I use products to hydrate as much as possible. Of course drinking lots of water helps too.

Next I will usually go in with ‘The Ordinary ‘Buffet’’ which helps with hydration and fine lines, I quite enjoy this product but I will probably not be repurchasing at this stage. I usually prefer more natural skincare but occasionally I like to try something different.

Update: When I originally shared this post I didn’t have plans to pick up any more products from The Ordinary because of some stuff going on with the brand at that stage. I felt like I could have elaborated or worded it a bit better at the time. At the time I was worried that would find a product I really liked and I wouldn’t be able to continue purchasing it.

I actually have recently  picked up a couple of things and I have one of them currently in my routine (February 2019). I just wanted to add an update on this post because I felt like I could have worded it better and it was causing me a bit of anxiety, I have updated part of this post because of that. I know its okay to not be perfect all the time and sometimes communicating our thoughts isn’t always easy, I try very hard to not let my anxiety and insecurities get to me but sometimes I does more than I would like it to.

I hope you enjoy the rest of my post.

Lastly, I will add my daily moisturizer, I’m currently panning a ‘Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturizer’ so this is what I have been using. I do quite enjoy Sukin’s moisturizers and I will defiantly repurchase in the future.


Night & Weekly Skincare Routine

I’ve recently added in the ‘Natio Moisturizing Sun Lotion with SPF 50’ into my skincare routine, I will use this most days when I know I’m going to be out in the sun but I would like to get into the habit of using it every day.

I love face mask so I recently added the ‘Sukin Detoxifying Clay Masque’ into my project pan because I have way too many but this is one I really enjoy and love using once to twice a week.

I love using the ‘Nutrimetics Nutri-rich Ointment’ on my lips to add extra hydration when going in with a lip scrub, my lips can get quite dry so this is great before and after.

Night Time Routine

For my night time routine I will often use the ‘Essano Micellar Water’ as a light cleanser or to take makeup off at the end of the day before starting my night routine.

I recently added in the ‘Nutrimetics Comfort Moisturizer’ into my routine to pan after finishing up a night moisturizer, this for me is great as a nighttime moisturizer instead of a daily because it takes a while to seep into my skin. I love to pair it with the eye-cream both of which are on my list to use up so I can move on to trying out some new skincare.

Well, that’s everything, like I said everything has a purpose. I’ve been enjoying trying some new products but also panning some ones I currently have. I have been using the same thing for so long that I want to branch out this is where I will often add in things that I don’t currently have, like trying a new face scrub or toner.

Are you a project panner? What are your favourite things in your skincare routine? let me know below…


Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored and doesn’t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product.

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