YouTube Channel's That I'm Currently Enjoying | Life Of Dahlia

11 Youtube Channels That I’m Currently Enjoying | Life Of Dahlia

Hey Everyone, I wanted to share a fun post with you all, I’m a very visual person so I enjoy watching things to relax or learn something new. Today I’m going to share with you a list with some of my current favourite YouTube Channels that I’m enjoying watching.

When I’m feeling the effects of my illnesses I tend to want to relax, chilling out and watching something, lately that has been youtube. I’ve been discovering some new channel’s, as well as rediscovering old channels that I followed a long time ago and loving some that I’ve been following for a while now.

My Current Favourite Youtube Channels

Below are some of my current favourites, I love finding people who post unique content especially when it comes to beauty channels, I love people that have their own unique style or qualities.

  • Elle S (shadowsmoked88) – I’ve been following Elle for a while now, you may have seen me to posts inspired by some of her videos. She has a very unique style and I love that she embraces her love for Fleetwood Mac.
  • Georgia Harris – Georgia is another person I enjoy watching she does some really inspiring videos like creating her own collections or palettes inspired by the fandoms she loves. You should check out her Star Wars and Beauty & The Beast inspired videos.
  • Safiya Nygaard – This is a channel I recently rediscovered, I used to follow Safiya a long time ago and I recently rediscovered her channel I think she has some really unique content, her recent videos in Japan are a really interesting watch.
  • Makeup Struggles – I discovered Makeup Struggles through Georgia Harris or Elle S, I remember seeing one of them mention her channel so I checked it out. She does some really unique videos like re-designing palettes by well-known brands, these are a definite must watch.
  • Samantha Ravndahl– I’ve seen Samantha’s makeup looks floating around the internet but I only just discovered her channel, through Raw Beauty Kristy, They did a couple of collab videos and so I decided to check out her channel. I’ve really been enjoying her videos.
  • KitchSnitch – I’ve been following Kat’s channel for a couple of the years along with her joint channel with Hailey from ‘Just Buy The Makeup’, called ‘Beauty News’. On Kat’s channel, she does a lot of reviews on makeup as well as project pans, I really enjoy her GRWM’s and wear tests.
  • Justbuythemakeup– On Hailey’s channel she does similar reviews and project pans, If you enjoy that kind of thing I recommend both Kat and Hailey’s channels. Also If your an Aussie looking for some Australian beauty channels I also recommend them.
  • Alexa Poletti I’ve been following Alexa for a long time she does a lot of cosplay stuff but I’ve really been enjoying her recent styling videos.
  • Hellthy Junk Food– Hellthy Junk Food is a recent discovery which I discovered via Thread Banger after their recent collab, I’ve been binge-watching the videos where they make giant foods inspired by modern-day fast foods, ever wanted to know how to make a giant skittle or hashbrown these are you go to and they are really entertaining.
  • Thrifty Beauty – this is a recent channel I discovered, I’m not sure where I found them but I’ve been enjoying her videos a lot.

  • grav3yardgirl & banana peppers – I followed Bunny for a long time but unsubbed a while ago, I recently rediscovered her channel after her collab with Shane Dawson. I’m glad to see she is feeling inspired again and I can’t wait to be part of the Swamp Family again.

I hope you enjoyed this short post, do you follow any of these channels? what are your favourite channels on youtube?

Until next time,


Credits – Cover Image by Freepik , cover edited by me. 

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