Rock N’ Roll Collab with MorandFX, Pt 2. Fashion| Life of Dahlia

Fashion: Rock N’ Roll Collab with MorandFX, Pt 2. Fashion| Life of Dahlia

Hey Guy’s, I’m back for part 2 of this collab post with Peta Morand. I had so much fun creating this makeup look and taking all the photos. In this post I’m sharing my fashion post, I couldn’t do this look and not go all out an take some fashion photos while wearing it. Below I’m sharing a bunch of fun pics that I took, I had to let my artsy photographer side come out and play with some coloured lighting I knew it would just add to this look.


Styling My Outfit

I love when I can take fun pieces from my wardrobe and show them off, I’ve always had a rock chick style, except for those couple of years I wore pastels, yuck, no just kidding it was a bit of a phase I went through. I still have bits of colour in my wardrobe but most of the colours that I like are darker these days, I also have a bit of an obsession with jackets especially motorcycle style like the one pictured above, I have like five or six in different colours.


I think because I’ve always had a unique style is why I love thrift or op shopping as we call it here in Aus, I can find so many unique pieces that you just can’t find in the mainstream shops.


Aspiring Musician

This is my beautiful baby I purchased her a couple of years ago so I could learn how to play, I’m still getting there, I need to find more time to practice my brain gets so focused on things that I forget to chill out and practice my guitar or read stuff like that. It’s something I need to work on.

Anyway, I had this image in my head and I knew I had to take it, I think it looks really awesome. I’m really happy that I got to pay homage to David Bowie in my own way, I have always loved that he wasn’t afraid to be unique and different, I think that’s what made him such an amazing person not to mention his incredible music that warmed the hearts of so many people. It was such a sad day for me when I heard he passed away like many others he will always have a place in my heart.

Don’t’ forget to go check out Peta’s Alice Cooper recreation over on her Instagram @morandfx, Go check her out and give her a follow and some likes.

Also I would love for you to get check out my Instagram @erinappbeauty so you can keep updated with what I’m doing, I have lots of fun over there.


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