ModelsPrefer 'Sunsetter' Eyeshadow Palette Review + 4 Looks | Life Of Dahlia

Makeup: ModelsPrefer ‘Sunsetter’ Eyeshadow Palette Review + 4 Looks | Life Of Dahlia

Hey Guys, Today I’m sharing with you a review on a new limited edition eyeshadow palette from affordable Australian brand ModelsPrefer, its called the ‘Sunsetter’ palette and it’s from their ‘Dusk til Dawn’ collection.

If you saw my recent New Beauty Products post you may recall that I talked about this palette, well I ended up picking this up so I could review it and because I thought It might be a dupe for the Huda Beauty ‘Desert Dusk‘ palette.

I have been playing around with this and I’m going to share a few looks I created with it, they are by no means perfect but I will get to that later (and I apologise my eyebrows look like crap so just ignore that.)


Using The Sunsetter Eyeshadow Palette

Shades & Swatches

This eyeshadow palette has a lot of shades to play around with, from neutrals to peachy tones, reds and purples, there is a lot of variety. Most of this eyeshadow palette contains shimmers with a few mattes in there as well to help you create a full look.

In the swatches below I used a primer as my base mainly because I was pretty sure these wouldn’t swatch well without a sticky base, Most of the shades look beautiful in the swatches but I’m going to tell you to now I had a hard time with the mattes in actual application.

Trying it out

For all four looks below I used an eyeshadow primer and concealer as my base, I set the top half with the cream coloured eyeshadow (‘lantern’) in the palette, I’m not sure if this was a mistake but I tried with setting overall and I had so many issues especially with the mattes. Maybe I should have tried on a sticky base but I thought I would have issues blending so I decided on setting the top half.

I used ‘Aglow’ and ‘Flashing’ as my transition shade on this look and tried to build ‘Vivid’ up on the inner and outer corners, as you can see I has issues with this. I found it would just disappear, I couldn’t build it at all, which is a pity because its a really pretty shade.

I used ‘Starlight’ in the centre of my eyelid but I really had to build it up, which is not too much of an issue because at least it would build.

For this look I used ‘Torched‘ and I had similar issues as with ‘Vivid’, in fact, most of the dark mattes just don’t work, they are chalky, they don’t stick and it’s hard to build or blend them out without looking muddy. I can’t say I had high hopes for this but I was hoping it would be decent.

I tried to use as many colours as possible in these looks to really test them out, I tried most of the shimmers in these looks and I actually don’t think they are too bad I mean this is really the first time I’ve seen an affordable brand even attempt a duo-chrome.

I really enjoy using  ‘Shining’, ‘Radiance’, ‘Beam’, ‘Flare’, ‘Mirage’ and ‘Starlight’, I didn’t need to foil them at all and I think the pay off actually isn’t too bad. You do need a bit of product on your brush but not crazy amounts.

The one thing I didn’t want to do was make these look perfect because that just wouldn’t be a good review. As much as I had issues with some of the deeper mattes, the lighter ones weren’t too bad and the shimmer eyeshadows were quite nice so I wouldn’t give this a complete fail It does have some nice quality eyeshadows but there are just a few that really didn’t work well for me.

Have you tried out this palette let me know what you thought? or how you got it to work for you?


If you are interested in purchasing this eyeshadow palette or anything else from the ‘Dusk til Dawn’ collection you can do so here.

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored and doesn’t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product.

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