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Hey Guys, there are always new beauty and makeup products coming out and today I’m going to go through a few of the latest ones that are out or have been announced as coming soon. I’ll let you know what I’m interested in and what I’m thinking of buying. I’m trying really hard to not buy too much I want to keep my collection small but occasionally things come out that really interest me so that’s what we are chatting about today.

Whats New In Makeup

Australis Cosmetics: Neutralize & Kaleidoscope Palettes

I’ve been really interested in check out and reviewing some more affordable palettes but also I want to try reviewing more than just palettes, I can’t help its an obsession. Anyway I saw these pop up in my feed and I thought they were quite interesting, naturally I was drawn in by the colourful one but I figure I have plenty of those in my collection now, so I thought if I wanted to review one that maybe the ‘Neutralize‘ one might be interesting.

I’m still trying to find one in store to see how I feel about it, from the pictures it looks like mostly shimmers and that’s just not something I’m interested in. I wanted to be able to review it by being able to use multiple colours so I’m not sure I’ll have to see it in person. Some of the shades look pretty but I feel like I could probably find them already in my collection so we’ll see.

New Beauty Products: What Interests Me & What Will I Be Purchasing - May | Life Of Dahlia | Image by Anastasia Beverly Hills
Image by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Dream Glow kit

This was only recently revealed on the ABH Social Media, and I thought how exciting a new one but I don’t know if this is for me I feel like I probably already have similar things already, but I feel like this would be great for medium to deep skin tones.


New Beauty Products: What Interests Me & What Will I Be Purchasing - May | Life Of Dahlia | Image by BYS Cosmetics
Image by BYS Cosmetics

BYS Cosmetics: Rebel Collection

Omg, I was so excited when I saw this one, those colours look really amazing. I have actually already purchased this and will be reviewing it very soon. I can’t wait to play with it when it arrives, I’ve seen a few looks people have created with this and I’m really excited to see what I can create with this.

My aim is to review more affordable products because I know that so many people out there can’t or don’t want to spend heaps on makeup and I feel like I want to get back to my roots and review affordable products. I actually use heaps of affordable products in my skincare and makeup routines I just don’t often feature them as often as I should so that’s my aim is to show more of the affordable products that I love.


Fenty Beauty: Beach Please Collection

On to this next collection, this is ‘Fenty Beauty’s‘ new Summer collection called ‘Beach Please’, this has some fun looking products in it, including three ‘killawatt foils‘, two lip luminizer trio packs and two eye shimmer duos. I don’t know too much about these products I think the lip products are like a gloss or topper and I think the ‘Killawatt Foils’ are a multipurpose eyeshadow/ highlighting product.

This collection does look interesting to me I’ve been wanting to try stuff from ‘Fenty Beauty‘ but I feel like I may need to see reviews on this stuff before deciding if its something I will actually purchase. Those ‘Killawatt Foils‘ look really interesting so I would love to see people using them so I can get more of an idea of how I could use them.

New Beauty Products: What Interests Me & What Will I Be Purchasing - May | Life Of Dahlia | Image by Huda Beauty
Image by Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty: Remastered Rose Gold Palette

I know this release has divided the beauty community, some people are all for it but I feel like most people who may already have actually purchased the original are quite annoyed that they re-released this because I think they feel a bit ripped off.

I don’t own anything from this brand and I’m actually unsure of their cf status I have heard they are and that they aren’t so I feel like until I get a definitive answer I probably won’t purchase from them. However, if they were to purchase something from them I  would actually probably purchase the ‘Dessert Dusk‘, while some of these colours are really pretty and do interest me but I feel like it has some similar looking shades. I also feel like I have similar shades in my ‘Modern Renaissance‘ as far as the mattes go.

New Beauty Products: What Interests Me & What Will I Be Purchasing - May | Life Of Dahlia | Image by Modelsperferau
Image by Modelsperferau

Modelsprefer: Dusk Til Dawn Collection

This is the last collection I will be talking about, ‘Modelsprefer‘ have released a new collection called ‘Dusk Til Dawn‘, this collection includes the ‘Sunsetter’ eyeshadow palette. I did see this in Priceline the other day and I swatched it a bit and honestly, I wasn’t sure. I think I would have to see people using this before I decided.

This collection also includes some highlighters and metallic liquid lipsticks, I was more drawn in by the colours of the palette so these are not something I’m interested in.

Update: I was trying to find the Australis palette but I can’t seem to find it anywhere so I had another look at the ‘Sunsetter’ palette and I decided to get it to play with and review. You can expect to see a few reviews over the next month or so.

I get so torn, I want to review things but I don’t want it to become redundant in my collection and not get used if I don’t like it. I also hate having doubles I already feel like I have that a little and I don’t know about other people but I feel really guilty when I toss old makeup that I didn’t like and that I didn’t use. I did that recently and I felt so bad but the makeup just wasn’t useful anymore it was old and I couldn’t give it to anyone, I was even like do I clean the container out so they can be reused or recycled like I don’t know what to do. My brain just makes me feel guilty about a lot of things, thanks anxiety.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on some of these products? will you be purchasing any? have you tried the Australis ‘Neutralize’ or the MP ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ what did you think?


Image Credits – Huda beauty, Modelsprefer, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Australis Cosmetics, BYS Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty.

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored and doesn’t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product.

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