Smashbox Cosmetics & Vlada Petal Metal Highlighter Review

The product being reviewed in this post is no longer available it was limited edition in 2018

Smashbox Cosmetics & Vlada Petal Metal Highlighter Review | Life of Dahlia

Other than eyeshadow my other favourite makeup products has to be highlighter, I just love the glow it gives my skin and it can be fun to play with different colours on the high points of my face.

In today’s post I will be reviewing the Smashbox Cosmetics & Vlada Petal Metal Highlighters in ‘Gilded Rose‘ and ‘Prismatic Petal’. (I apologise I know I review a lot of limited edition products and I promise that is not on purpose it’s by pure accident, I just love reviewing new items that come into my collection and for some reason, there are a lot of limited edition products that I have been purchasing of late. I promise that I will start reviewing some more permanent products very soon.)

About The Smashbox & Vlada Petal Metal Collection

I was super excited for this collection, I’ve been a fan of Vlada’s for some time, so I knew that this was a collection that I wanted to purchase something from.

If your not sure who ‘Vlada Haggerty‘ is she is makeup artist & Instagram star otherwise known as @vladamua, she also works alongside Smashbox as their “lip editor-in-chief“. Vlada has created this beautiful rose gold inspired collection with Smashbox Cosmetics. The inspiration for this collection was her signature rose gold colour of which we have seen her use many times in her lip art.

First Impressions of The ‘VladaMua’ Collection

First off, I have to say these are seriously the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, the packaging is absolutely stunning, ‘Gilded Rose comes in a 3D Rose embossed packaging and ‘Prismatic Petalhas a classic Vlada lip art picture on it featuring a rose gold rose, both feature rose gold plastic packaging.

I have to say while I do love her lip art and want to buy her art prints (which I since have), but I do actually prefer the 3D Rose packaging.

Smashbox Cosmetics & Vlada Petal Metal Highlighter Review | Life of Dahlia
Smashbox Cosmetics & Vlada Petal Metal Highlighters

Petal Metal Highlighters

The highlighters were formulated with a gel-powder formula so that they sit on the skin in a more flattering way, each product features a clear base formula that allows for the best possible reflection of light on the skin while not emphasizing any uneven skin texture. They can be used on either the face or eyes making them multipurpose products.

Guided Rose‘ features a reflective champagne-gold pearl, while ‘Prismatic Petal’ features a “soft, medium copper base with a stronger, orange undertone with pink-to-violet shifting sparkle and pearl.“- source: Temptalia

Both are stunning on the skin and I love using ‘Prismatic Petal’ on the eyes as an eyeshadow it looks amazing, I love the dimension of this shade it has a beautiful shift with specks of glitter which make it just as stunning on the eyes and as a highlight.

Guided RoseLooks more natural on the skin and is less glittery and just adds more of a nice sheen to the skin, I think both of these are super flattering and seeing as they are a clear base formula would look beautiful on any skin tone. I’m going to insert the marketing swatches because I feel like they will give a good indication on what it looks like on multiple skin tones, unfortunately, I am unable to swatch it on skin tones other than my own.

I still feel like these swatches just don’t do these justice because of the shift they both have, they look rather flat but I will be inserting photos using them on my own face as well so that you can see how they look when are applied to the skin.

Smashbox Cosmetics & Vlada Petal Metal Highlighter Review | Life of Dahlia
Smashbox Cosmetics & Vlada Petal Metal Highlighter Review | Life of Dahlia

Rose Gold Inspired Makeup Look

For this makeup look, I used some shades from a warm neutrals eyeshadow palette (like the modern renaissance or soft glam) and then I did a cut crease using some concealer which I then placed ‘Prismatic Petal’ over the top.

I used Gilded Rose as my highlight as well as on my inner corner and brow bone. I’m not sure how much you can see but Guilded Rose just gives a beautiful natural sheen to the skin.

I love including detail shots, in these shots you can really see the multi-dimension of Prismatic Petal, It’s just really beautiful. I used it on the lid as well as on the lower lash line for some extra sparkle. I added a copper winged liner to finish of the look.

Rose gold makeup look

I added a rosy copper lip using Nyx Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in ‘CMLC08 Speed Of Light, I was really inspired by Vlada’s classic rose gold drippy lip.

Final Thoughts

This is really a beautiful collection and while these were expensive and definitely more than I would normally spend on highlighters I have no regrets whatever. People obviously love these as much as me because I think they sold out pretty quick, other products from this collection may still be available through Mecca, the Smash Box Website or other retailers.

I had so much fun reviewing these and creating this rose gold inspired makeup look, Next month maybe a little eyeshadow palette heavy and I apologise in advance for that but if you haven’t figured it out by now that’s one of my favourite things to collect.

Until next time, I hope you have a lovely day.

Credits – Prismatic Petal description by Temptalia, Swatch Images by Smashbox Cosmetics.

Disclaimer โ€“ This post is not sponsored and doesnโ€™t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product. Read full Disclaimer here.

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