My Top 5 Favourite Marvel Movies | Life of Dahlia

My Top 5 Favourite Marvel Movies | Life Of Dahlia

Hey guys, I love doing fun posts where I share some of my favourite tv shows and movies with you, this one is all about my favourite Marvel Movies. Honestly its so hard for me to choose favourites because I love so many of them but I’ve managed to compile a list of My Top 5 Favourite Marvel Movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I love this movie so much, the story is really awesome but I feel like the soundtrack makes this movie so much better. I love the music in these movies they are just such awesome collections of so many great songs.

‘Goot’ and ‘Rocket’ have to be my favourite characters in this movie, but all the characters are great and there are so many funny moments in this movie that make me love them all.

Thor: Ragnarok

The ‘Thor’ movies have to be some of my favourites from the ‘Avengers’ universe, Both ‘Thor’ and ‘Loki’ have to be my favourites I love them both and I love their stories. This movie though has to be my favourite, I love that it has more comedy to it and I love the guardians of the galaxy vibes it has.

It’s also nice to see ‘Bruce Banner’ aka ‘The Hulk’ in this movie, I love that we got to know The Hulk better I feel like we haven’t really seen to much other than him smashing things in a long time. I feel like we have seen ‘Bruce Banner’s’ story but not ‘the Hulks’, I know they are the same person but they are two different personalities.

Captain America – The Winter Soldier

When I first saw ‘Captain America’ I actually didn’t think that I would like it but I was pleasantly surprised that I actually really enjoy his story. In the ‘Winter Soldier’, we get to see Bucky’s return as the ‘Winter Soldier’ which I’m sure shocked a lot of people like me. I haven’t read any of the comic books it was never my thing but I love superhero movies.

It was actually hard to choose between this one and ‘Civil War’, I love that we get to see Bucky’s story in these, where he has been, what happened to him. I think he is an interesting character and adds some interesting elements to the stories.

Avengers – Age of Ultron

As much as I love Loki, I actually think ‘Age of Ultron’ is my favourite Avengers movie, I have seen part 1 of ‘Infinity War’ and I liked most of it so far but I feel like I can’t comment on it yet as I’ve only seen it once. ‘Age of Ultron’ has a really interesting storyline an I love that they had James Spader do the voice of ‘Ultron’ I think his voice makes this character even more menacing and scary.

I feel like this was the movie where I started to dislike ‘Tony Stark’ more like Stan Lee says he created a character people should hate and try to make them love him. I really liked this character but as his story goes on I feel like he just annoys me more, but I do think the movies would be very boring if he wasn’t there to shake things up a little.

X-men – Day of Futures Past

I couldn’t not include an ‘X-men’ movie, I like these movies but there are only a couple that I really love, including ‘Days of Futures Past’. I love that this movie collides past with future and that we get to see both James McAvoy & Patrick Stewart as ‘Professor Charles Xavier/ Professor X’.

This movie has so many cool characters in it, including ‘Mystique’, ‘Magneto’, ‘Wolverine’ just to name a few but also ‘Trask’ who is played by Peter Dinklage. I love seeing him in movies and tv shows he just plays some really interest and sometimes funny characters.

What are your favourite Marvel Movies? Are you Team Avengers or Team X-men? let me know in the comments..


Credits – Marvel logo property of Marvel Studios.

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