Urban Decay Moondust Palette Review + 3 Looks

Update: I can’t garranty that this palette is still available looks like as of dec, 2019 its been discontinued. Also warning that this palette may contain micro-plastics if your concerned about this please do your research on the ingredients before considering purchasing a product like this.

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette Review + 3 Looks | Life Of Dahlia

Who doesn’t love some sparkle on their eyes, I know I do, In todays post I’m going to be sharing with you a review and some makeup looks using the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow palette.

I have owned my palette for a while now but I thought this would be a fun palette to review because it’s still available(I’m pretty sure, or at least when I’m writing this). I purchased this in 2017/2018 from Mecca.com, this is where I get all my Urban Decay makeup from.

I purchased this because I had heard good things about the Moondust eyeshadow formula but I thought purchasing this would be better value for money than purchasing the single eyeshadows.

This is definitely not your everyday palette, but it would be fabulous for evening looks or special occassions. I can’t wait to share the looks I put together for this post. All the looks will be below and include details of what I used to create them, but first I’ll let you know my thoughts on the palette.

The Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette Review + 3 Looks | Life Of Dahlia
Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette

The Packaging

The packaging on this palette is a heavy acrylic with a glitter finish to match the eyeshadows inside. On the front, it has the palette name embossed with a mirror finish. This palette contains a nice quality mirror and a sturdy hinge so that the mirror can stand up which is nice. I typically don’t use mirrors in palettes but having a good quality mirror that’s fairly large like this is great if your travelling if you can’t take one with you.

The Eyeshadows

The eyeshadow quality is quite nice but I would recommend using a glitter adhesive with these eyeshadows to help with fall out from the glitter particles as well as intensify the colour pay off.

I love the range of colours in this palette but I do wish that they had added in some of their original shades from the singles like ‘Solstice‘ which is beautiful Metallic pink-red with green sparkle and shift. I do really enjoy the colours that are in this palette they are beautiful; included in this palette are ‘‘Specter’ (a soft pink with tonal sparkle), ‘Element’ (a peach with pink shift and sparkle), ‘Magnetic’ (purple with blue sparkle), ‘Lightyear’ (a vibrant green with tonal sparkle), ‘Granite’ (a black with multicolored sparkle), ‘Lithium’ (a brown with iridescent 3-D sparkle), ‘Vega’ (bright blue with tonal sparkle), and ‘Galaxy’ (a smoky blue-gray with iridescent 3-D sparkle).‘ – sourced from the Urban Decay UK Website

Swatches of the Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette

My Thoughts on the Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette

I feel like this is more of a secondary palette because I find that I do need to pair it with other palettes to get a look that I’m happy with but that’s fine. A palette like this would always be an addition that you could use with your neutral palettes, to create a basic look with a pop of glitter on the lid.

I went pretty dramatic with the looks that I created for this review, it was really fun and I felt like I needed to open my imagination to a lot of different possibilities. I’ve only included three looks for this post so I was unable to use all the shades but I’ve been loving this palette so much that I will absolutely be creating many more looks with it, you will have to keep following my blog to see what else I come up with.

Update: Since these eyeshadows may contain micro-plastics so I definatly recommend using a disposable makeup remove pad and some eye makeup remover to take these off, you may not get every since speck of glitter but its better than all of it ending up in the water ways. If your concerned about micro-plastics or using glitter on the eyes I wouldn’t recommend these, I would avoid them all together and do your research into micro-plastics/glitter in eye-products you would be amazed how many have it in there.

While I’m personally trying to be better with this kind of stuff I’m never going to be perfect at it and being mindful is better. I’m not going to get rid of the makeup products that I purchase in the past because they contain micro plastics that would be wasting the money I spent on them however I can be mindful when using them and removing them. As well as being mindful about what I purchase in the future.

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This palette is absolutely worth the price if you’re looking for some nice sparkle to add to your collection, each eyeshadow contains 0.7g / 0.02 oz and breaks down $10 per eyeshadow. The Urban Decay single eyeshadows are $30-34 AU for 1.5g while you get less eyeshadow per pan but you get 8 eyeshadows and 5.6 g overall. More isn’t always better is what I’m saying.

3 Makeup Looks Using The Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette

Now on to the looks, I created with the Moondust palette, I’ve included details below of what I used to create each look.

Look One

What I used to create this look:

Base: For my base, I used Australis Bye Bye Blemish Concealer in ‘Cool‘, to prime my eyes and then set with a powder close to my skin tone.

Eyeshadow: I used a matte black eyeshadow on a flat blending brush to create the shape I wanted and then filled in the eye so I had a dark base for my glitter eyeshadow. I then used the Too Faced Cosmetics ‘Glitter Glue‘ all over the lid and applied ‘Granite’ on top.

I applied a bright orange eyeshadow on the inner corner and then applied the glitter glue and added ‘Element’ on top. I used a black eyeshadow on the under lower lash line and applies ‘Granite‘ on top.

I paired mine with a faux bleach brow which I’ve been really liking lately especially when I’m doing a really dramatic eye.

Look Two

What I used to create this look:

Base: I used NYX Professional Makeup’s Jumbo Pencil in ‘Milk’, to prime my eyes and then set with a white eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow: I used ’13th Floor‘ from the Kristen Leanne ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ eyeshadow palette, to create a wing shape on the outer portion of my eye and the brought it into the crease and inner portion of my eye, leaving the centre bare. I then added my Too Faced Cosmetics ‘Glitter Glue‘ over the centre of the lid and packed ‘Vega‘ on with a flat brush, and topped with ‘Galaxy’.

I used the NYX Professional Makeup black matte liquid liner to add a slight wing and to add a line so I could add lashes, but you could skip this step. I lined under my eyes using ’13th Floor‘ and then added a blue highlight to the inner corner with ‘Leo’ from the  ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ palette.

I added mascara and half lashes from Model Rock, I used the style ‘sassy twins’ from their range.

Look Three

What I used to create this look:

Base: Australis Bye Bye Blemish Concealer in ‘Cool‘, I used this to prime my eyes and then set with a powder close to my skin tone.

Eyeshadow: I used ‘Slow burn’ from the ‘Electric’ palette as a transition colour, I then added my Too Faced Cosmetics ‘Glitter Glue‘ all over my lid and packed ‘Element’ on with a flat brush. I added winged liner with the NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights liner in ‘Vivid Fire’.

I added ‘Slow burn’ underneath my lash line and blended it out, I then added a pink-red eyeliner to my waterline and just below on top of ‘Slow burn’, I added a bit of ‘Element on top. I then added some more glitter glue to my inner corner and topped with ‘Specter’ from the Moondust palette.

I added mascara and half lashes from Model Rock I used the style ‘sassy twins’ from their range.

Have you tried the Moondust palette? What are your thoughts on it?let me know in the comments.

This is such a cool palette to play with, I feel like I can create a range of looks with it because of the range of colours in the palette. I feel like this would turn any look into a stunner.

But like I said earlier in this post if you are concerned about using micro-plastics or glitter in general or around your eyes then I would skip this. I decided to keep this review up because I believe that we all make our own choices with what we are okay with using and because I do really enjoy this palette I’m not all of a sudden going to change my mind about it but I can give my updated opinion and warn people incase they are concerned about using a product like this.

Until next time, I hope you have a lovely day.

Disclaimer โ€“ This post is not sponsored and doesnโ€™t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product. Read full Disclaimer here.

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