Beauty: Mecca Haul & Beauty Loop Level 1 Box

Hey Beauty Lovers, Today I’m sharing with you my Mecca Haul and Beauty Loop level 1 box. I tried my first live unboxing today on Instastories it was my first time I was super nervous and I think it showed, I found it hard to talk. I would love to do more stuff like that, I really want to do videos but I think it will take me a while to get there, you know to get past being nervous and anxious. Maybe I will have to start with no talking and work my way towards doing talking and reviews in front of the camera.

I’ve already posted pictures about my haul on my Instastories but I wanted to post it here and go more in-depth with details about the products I purchased and the samples I received in my Beauty Loop box.


Smashbox Cosmetics & Vlada Haggerty collection

I jumped on super early on May 1st to make sure I got something from the Smashbox Cosmetics & Vlada Haggerty collection, I picked up two of the highlighters in ‘Gilded Rose’ and ‘Prismatic Petal’ which was a special exclusive one that was supposed to be exclusive to Sephora everywhere else in the world. I received these the next morning that’s how great Mecca’s customer service is.

These are so beautiful and photos really don’t do them justice at all. And as I am writing this I’ve just noticed that these shades are sold out on the website, I’m not surprised at all because they are stunning. If you are in Australia you may still be able to find these at your local Mecca Maxima which stock Smashbox, but I would get in quick because these are limited edition and are selling like hot cakes.

I will do a review on these that will include swatches but I’m hoping to feature these in a rose gold look next week, that is inspired by Vlada and this collection.


Mecca Beauty Samples

One of the things I love about shopping at is you get to choose three samples on check out, they stock quite a few CF brands so it means I get to pick cf samples when I’m checking out.

I picked the Dermalogica ‘Daily Microfoliant’, a Stila lipstick sample trio and the Kevyn Aucoin ‘Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting‘ in Candlelight that can be used as an illuminator or liquid highlighter.

I’ve never tried out any of these brands so I’m quite excited to try them all out.


Mecca Beauty Loop Level 1 Box

Next, I’m going to talk about what I received in my Beauty Loop box, If you don’t know what a Beauty Loop box is, as a member of the Mecca Beauty Loop loyalty program anyone who is a level 1,2 or 3 are entitled to a quarterly sample box. I’m only a level one but I think by the end of the year I may end up a level two.

I’ve been supporting Mecca more this year than Sephora basically because I’m just seeing more things that I want there and I would rather put my money into supporting an Australian company that offers great incentives in their loyalty program and also offers amazing customer service.

This quarter I received four samples in my Beauty Loop box, and they are all cruelty-free which is fantastic. I received the EVE LOM – ‘Cleanser’ which included a 5 ml sample and a muslin cloth, It’s supposed to remove makeup while decongesting, exfoliating and toning the skin. I’m always interested in trying out different skincare so I can’t wait to try this out.

The second item I received was also a skincare item, this one is from Grown Alchemist (which I think is relatively new to Mecca,) included was the ‘Age-Repair Eye Cream Tetra-Peptide & Centella’. I’m always looking for new serums, moisturisers or eye creams to try out so I’m interested in giving this a go.

The third item included was a mini ‘Pout Pop lipstick’ sample from the Mecca Max brand, I received the shade ‘Day Slayer’ which is in the High Definition formula. The ‘Pout Pop’ range includes Sheer, Mega-Matte and Hi-Def finishes, ‘Day Slayer’ is a wearable pink shade, something I personally don’t wear often but would try out. The scent of these smells really nice it reminds me of vanilla or cookies.

The last item I received was a mini of the TooFaced Cosmetics ‘Better Than Sex Mascara’, I’ve used this before I liked it but didn’t love it, I found it a bit flaky after a while but I would be willing to try my sample.

Have you tried anything from the Smashbox & Vlada collection? what did you get?


Are you a Mecca Beauty Loop member, what did you get in your box? let me know in the comments.


Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored and doesn’t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product.

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