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Hey Guys, its that time of the month its Project Pan Update time, yay. This month I decided to change some items in my project pan as well as declutter some older items, I’ve replaced these items with some new ones. I’m only including these items in my update this month because I haven’t made huge amounts of progress on enough of my items to make it worth including. I’m not including the declutter items I may do a post on my declutter soon.


Items I’ve Removed From My Project Pan

I’m removing these Too Faced Holiday Eyeshadow palettes from my project pan because I found I was really only reaching for a couple of eyeshadows in the palettes, my plan it to depot all my holiday palettes like this as I feel like it will be easier to use them. I’m going to place them in a magnetic palette like the one in the picture below, that way I can use them in conjunction with other eyeshadows, I feel like I’ll get more use out of them this way. I may reinclude them again at a later date.

I’m also removing my Benefit ‘Hoola‘ bronzer, I love this bronzer and while it’s not cruelty-free I really enjoy using it, I just won’t ever repurchase it unless the brand goes CF. The reason I’m actually removing this is thatΒ I’ve decided to change my project pan a bit, I’ve decided to change some things out seasonally so that I can use all the items in my collection. I’ve found that other items are just sitting in my collection now and not getting used so I’ve decided to change things abit so that I can get use out of everything.

I feel like this bronzer is better suited to the warmer months so I wanted to change it out and include a cooler toned one for the cooler months.

Their are plenty of items staying in my project pan which are basics and I’m just going to be changing out eyeshadows, blush, bronzer and highlighters as the seasons go on, this will encourage me to use multiple items and while they may not be things that I finish off I just want to get more use out of products that I’m not reaching for and this will encourage that.

My last item I’m removing is my Models Prefer ‘Brow Highlight‘ pencil, I ambisiously put in two pencils like this and I’ve been reaching more for the other one so for the time being I want to focus on the other one and I may put this back in after that is used up.


Items I’ve Added To My Project Pan

Now I’m going to tell you about what I’m adding in to my Project Pan, most of these items are going to be seasonal, meaning I’m going to use them during the next few months and when spring comes around I will change them out.

First off I will start with the palette, I made this up from various eyeshadow palettes that I had that I didn’t like the packaging of, mostly because it was cheap and I kept breaking them. This palette includes one of my favourite Chi Chi Cosmetics palettes of all time, the ‘Spices‘ palette, which are the warm toned eyeshadows you can see in the bottom row. This and the ‘Basics‘ which is also in this palette, both had cheap plastic packaging so I decided to remove them from the packaging and put them in a magnetic palette.

I added this in because it has a range of eyeshadow that I can reach for to create a range of looks, I really would like to hit pan on some of these, the pans are small so I don’t think I’ll have much trouble there. I found I wasn’t reaching for these as much as I liked so I wanted to add it in the fall in love with it again and get some use out of this. My plan is to use this when I’m not doing looks for my blog or instagram, so this will be my everyday go to palette for the next few months.

The second thing I added in was my big ass ‘Contour Extravanganza’ palette, also by Chi Chi Cosmetics, I brought this a couple of years ago, and I still love reaching for it but I haven’t been and thats why I added it in so that It would encourage me to use it. This palette is great it has four different bronzer/contour shades as well as six different blushes and five highlight options. I want to use up some of the cooler toned bronzer that is in there, I feel like this will be nice for the winter months, but mainly I just want to get use out of the blush and highlight shades in here. I also feel like the face powders will be great to use for setting my eyeshadow base once I’ve finished up the ones in the eyeshadow palette.

I’ve included a few smaller items including some eyeliners, I was basically getting bored with using the same black eyeliner, I’m still keeping it in my Project Pan but I wanted to include a few other options as well. I’ve added in two eyeliners by Camouflage Colour in ‘no. 038′ which is berry colour & ‘no. 044′ which is a nude, as well as a deep green eyeliner from Nutrimetics. I feel like these will inspire me a bit more and will go great in the winter season. I can also include them in various makeup looks not just my everyday ones.

I’ve also included my Nyx Professional Makeup ‘Matte Liquid Liner‘ in black (not pictured) so that I can use it up & my Jumbo Pencil in ‘Milk’ to use as a base when doing colourful looks, I’ve included this because I have surplus of these and I want to use this one up. My Last item is a Revlon lipstick in the colour ‘535 Rum Raisin’, I included this because I feel like this and the other Revlon cubby lipstick that I currently have in there would look nice for the cooler months. I want to use as much up as possible so that I can declutter them from my collection as they are getting quite old and this is a brand I no longer support.

Because I’ve decided to change some things out seasonally I’m starting to feel inspired again with my Project Pan, I feel like I was getting bored and just wanted to reach for other things in my collection so I’m happy with my decision, it inspires me to use some of the older items in my collection but still get use out of everything.

I know traditionally you are supposed to use it until you use it up and that is my aim with most of the items included but being able to change things like bronzer, blush or eyeshadows out helps keep me inspired while getting use out of everything in my collection.

I have found since adding more expensive eyeshadow palettes into my collection I just struggle to reach for some of my more afforable ones even though they were some of my favourites. So including those kinds of items into my project pan encourages me to use them over the more expensive ones.


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    1. Thanks for checking out my blog, I can’t even remember tweeting about that but my memory is bad at remembering things like that lol Your cats are beautiful. πŸ™‚


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