3 Aussie Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands You Should Try

Aussie Cruelty-Free Brands You Should Try | Life of Dahlia

I love supporting cruelty-free brands from my own country, especially affordable brands and today I’m going to be talking about 3 affordable Australian cruelty-free brands that I’ve been really enjoying and I think might be interesting to share.

One of these brands has been a long time favourite, while another brand is a completely new brand to me and the last one is one that I have recently rediscovered after many years.

In this post I’m going to list these in alphabetical order and discuss what products I’ve tried from each brand, what products I recommend and what I would love to try more of from each of the brands.

3 Affordable Cruelty-free Australian Cosmetics Brands

Aussie Cruelty-Free Brands You Should Try | Life of Dahlia
BYS Cosmetics Eyeshadow & Powder Contour Palette

BYS Cosmetics

I recently rediscovered BYS Cosmetics after many years; in Australia, this used to be the go-to brand when I was a teenager because it was fairly affordable. Back then the quality wasn’t great but I didn’t know any better. The quality and range have since improved, this brand has since become really popular and now has quite a huge following.

They are always coming out with trending products that just fly out the door. I’ve recently tried out some of their eyeshadow & contour palettes and I can say that I thought they weren’t too bad for the price. The prices for palettes are usually around the $16-20 mark which if you’re from the U.S. the quality for that price might not be that great but for Australia, it’s quite different.

So far I’ve tried out the Berries, ‘Cosmic’ and ‘Rebel’ eyeshadow palettes as well as the ‘Cream’ & ‘Powder’ contour palettes. If you want to check out my reviews for the ‘Berries’ & ‘Rebel’ eyeshadow palettes or my comparison of the Contour’ palettes find the links below:

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I feel like sometimes going back to more affordable palettes is hard after trying highend palettes because the quality is quite different from the more expensive ones I’ve purchased in recent years, but I like to keep in mind when I’m trying things out to review that there are people out there that don’t or can’t spend that much on makeup so I try to go in with neutral feelings when trying them out.

With all these brands I often feel like having a good base like an eyeshadow primer or using a concealer on your eyes as a base often helps when using something from a more affordable range. While I feel like the eyeshadow palettes lacked in the pigmentation I’m now used to, if I used a good base it helped a lot. So I defiantly recommend trying their palettes out if you’re interested in trying some of the more trendy colours but don’t want to lots of spend money. I also recommend checking out their face or contour products if your interest in contour but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, I quite like the cream contour palette myself.

BYS really have a comprehensive range that includes face, eyes, brows, lips, lashes you name it they probably have it in their range. I’ve really had to stop myself from wanting to buy more from their range, like the Neonliners or the ‘Festival palette which has all bright colours, and their new peach range looks amazing. I will be following this brand closely to see what new things they come out with over the next couple of years.

You can purchase BYS Products from various stockists, including Target, Kmart as well as Cosmetics Plus and more. You can find a list of stockist and also purchase some products via the official BYS Website. They also distribute internationally you can also find these listed on the website.

Aussie Cruelty-Free Brands You Should Try | Life of Dahlia
Makeup Products by Chi Chi Cosmetic

Chi Chi Cosmetics

Chi Chi Cosmetics has been a favourite of mine for many years, I’ve tried probably close to half the products they offer, whether its eyeshadow palettes, contour palettes, brow products, base products, lip products, you name it I’ve probably tried most of it. Because I have tried so much from this brand I will just discuss a few of my favourite products that I have tried from Chi Chi.

Chi Chi have a huge range of eyeshadow palettes which means there is something for everyone and they are always revamping and adding new products to their range, They have a fantastic range available in either their newer palette range or the original ‘Glamourous’ range (note: unsure if they still offer this range). I would recommend the newer packaging as it is much nicer than the older packaging which is made of cheap plastic and is quite easily breakable if you drop it; I know this from experience which is why I depotted most of mine that came in this packaging. My favourite from the range has to be the Spices palette it has some beautiful orange & warm toned mattes, as well as some, rose gold and wine shimmers. This palette can now be found in the newer packaging as well.

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Chi Chi offers a lot in the face product department, for example, they have blush, contour and highlight palettes that range from smaller trios to larger palettes that include a range of tones or encompass blush, contour/bronzer & highlight in one. My favourites have to be the Contour Extravaganzawhich has bronzer/contour, blush & highlights all in one, as well as the newer Iridescent Glow’ palette which contains 8 different duo-chrome highlight shades in a range of colours.

Last recommendation would have to be their brow products, in particular, the ‘Brow Pomades’, I’ve used these in multiple shades (I change my hair colour a lot so I occasionally need to change my brow products) and It has to be one of my favourite brow products ever. They also last along time, I’ve been panning one for almost 2 years on and off, though I did have to rehydrate it using Inglot Duraline towards the end, so they can last you a while even if you are using them daily.

You can purchase Chi Chi Cosmetics from Target & Myer (Myer tend to get stock quicker so I would recommend purchasing from here if you have on near you). I think they are currently relaunching their website, so hopefully, they will have better and newer stock via there, you can sign up for notifications via the website. I also know that they are starting to branch out and stock internationally hopefully when the new site is up and running they will have more info on this.

Aussie Cruelty-Free Brands You Should Try | Life of Dahlia
Makeup Products by Designer Brands or DB Cosmetics.

Designer Brands Cosmetics aka DB Cosmetics

DB Cosmetics is a fairly new brand to me, I’ve tried a few things here and there but never really dived into their range until the last six months or so. So far I’ve tried their eyeshadow, contour and highlighting palettes as well as their foundations. It was a brand that I was really surprised by, the quality of their products is great, especially their foundations and highlighters.

A Few Christmas ago they came out with a range of goodies including eyeshadow palettes, a highlighting palette and more. I picked up two of the eyeshadow palettes and a highlighting palette (which I adore.) The quality of the highlight palette to me is just as amazing as any of the more expensive highlighters that I own.

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The foundations are recent to my collection; I had run out of my other foundations and wanted to purchase some more so I decided to try out the ones from DB’s range. I picked up the matte foundation but also the hydrating foundation; so far I’m really impressed by them (see my review of the matte foundation to see my final thoughts). I just wanted to note that I purchased the lightest ones in the range and I do need to lighten them just in case you are as fair as me I thought you would like to know that.

I’ve been mixing the hydrating foundation with their hydrating primer to create a lighter coverage, I would say that the foundations are in the medium to full coverage range which is great but I love that I can mix it with the primer for days where I want a lighter coverage. I like the way they feel on the skin they feel weightless especially when I mix it I feel like I’m wearing barely anything on my face.

They do also have a long-wearing formula in their range so it all depends on what you’re looking for in your foundation, for me I only need something that could last any wear between 4-6 hours and these last great for the time I wear them for, I haven’t really tested these out any longer than maybe 8 hours so I’m not sure how they would stand up for long time periods.

I feel like DB Cosmetic is definitely a brand to keep an eye on.

You can purchase DB Cosmetics via Price Attack, various pharmacies as well as their official website; I’ve purchased all my products from here so that I didn’t have to go hunting. They have reasonable shipping rates as well, You can find a stockist near you via their website.

Have you tried any of these brands? What are your favourite products that you have tried? Are there any affordable Aussie brands I should check out? Let me know in the comments

I really enjoyed writing this post, I love sharing my favourite brands and products. I’m really enjoying using some of my more affordable products lately and I want to integrate them more into my makeup routine. I use a bit of both, half my eyeshadow collection is high-end and half is affordable, most of my face products are affordable only a handful are more expensive and most of my eyeliners and lip products are affordable. I feel like I have a good balance, there are something’s I don’t mind spending more on and something’s that I would rather not spend the extra money on if I don’t have to.

I hope you enjoyed my post, let me know your favourite affordable brands below.

Until next time, I hope you have a lovely day.

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored and doesn’t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product. Read full Disclaimer here.

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