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Makeup: Elements Series – Fire + Intro | Life Of Dahlia

Hey, my lovely readers, I’ve been wanting to create a makeup series for a while but really just haven’t had the motivation or inspiration to know where to start. I was recently inspired to create a small series based on the Elements – Earth, Fire, Water, etc. I thought this might be a good series to start with because there will only be four looks that I will have to create.

I decided to start with the Fire Element because It was the first one I was really drawn to. I wanted to go for something dramatic but a little bit rough around the edges, so a lot of texture and not too much blending, especially when it came to the eyes. I wanted to create a wing shape that went all the way out toward my hairline, so that I could create some texture with the blending out, like flames.


This look kind of put itself together I had no real idea what I wanted to do when I started, I just went with what felt right at the time. I knew that I wanted to use a lot of red in this look but I also wanted to add in elements of black and gold in there as well.

I added in the gold, to add a pop of brightness to the inner corner and then brought it up to the eye to create some texture. I have listed the main products that I used for this look below in case your interest, unfortunately, I did use a few limited edition products from Kat Von D but I’m sure you could find similar colours elsewhere if you don’t own them already.

I added in the little black dots as if the fire was burning and it was soot or ash falling on my cheeks, I wanted to use a flicking motion to get a more random effect but I, unfortunately, couldn’t get that to work so I decided to just do small dots instead.

For the lips, I decided to add in some similar colours to the eyes, I was originally going to do a nude so the eyes were the focus but it looked incomplete so I decided to match the lips to colours in the eyes instead and I really like the way it came out.

Products I used to create this look:

Eyes – Kat Von D Beauty: Concealer Creme in ‘L1 Neutral‘ set with translucent powder. (I could probably have skipped this but it helped prevent any staining from the face paints)

– Tag Body Art: Face & Body Paints (Water-Activated) ‘Regular Palette 12 x 10g’ – Used the ‘Red‘ shade as a base for eyeshadow.

– Kat Von D Beauty: Serpentina Palette ‘Bloodmilk‘ (Over eye base), ‘Prophet‘ (inner corner)

– Kat Von D Beauty: Saint & Sinner Palette ‘ Sabbath’ (eyelid & inner crease) ‘Relic‘ (inner corner to brighten & lips

– Nyx Professional Makeup: Matte Liquid Liner in ‘Black‘.

– Essence: Lash Princess Mascara.


Face – Chi Chi Cosmetics: Iridescent Glow Palette ‘ ‘Opal’ & ‘Topaz‘ mixed on the inner corner & highlight points of the face.

– Nyx Professional Makeup: High Definition Blush in ‘HDB22 Taupe‘.

– Kat Von D Beauty: Serpentina Palette ‘Bloodmilk‘ on top of Nyx blush to create a coloured contour.


Lips – Essence: Lip Liner in ‘14 Femme Fatale‘.

– Nyx Professional Makeup: Liquid Suede in ‘LSCL12 Vintage/Retro‘ & Liquide Suede Metallic Matte in ‘LSCL34 Pure Society’

– Kat Von D Beauty: Saint & Sinner Palette ‘Relic’  & Serpentina Palette ‘Prophet‘ (mixed on the centre of lips)

I’m so happy with the way this look came out, I’ve been struggling lately with finding inspiration and being able to execute it into something original. Its been a long time since I’ve created something that feels like art, I think I just need to realise that maybe my art is changing and is different from what I imagined it to be.

If your curious about my prop in the photo I used an old tutu I had made up for photo shoots, I just thought that the colours would go really well and it would help with the flame look I was going for.

I can’t wait to create more looks for this series and share them with you. I would also love if you could go over to my Instagram and give me a follow or maybe like some of my posts.


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Erin Applebee is an Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Beauty Blogger from Adelaide, South Australia. Currently only posting to my beauty blog regularly Life of dahlia.

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