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My Favourite Beauty Instagram Accounts To Follow | Life Of Dahlia

Hey Beauty Lovers, Instagram has to be one of my favourite social media platforms. I find so many inspiring artists on Instagram, so I thought It would fun to share a few of my favourite beauty accounts that I love following.


1. Kimberley Margarita/Colour Creep

Kimberley Margarita has to be one of my favourite makeup artists that I follow, her level of creativity is mind-blowing. She is always posting the most inspiring fantasy type looks. There are many amazing artists on Instagram but I feel like she stands out from them all because of her unique style.

I was so disappointed when she didn’t win the NYX Face Awards last year the looks she created were amazing. But I was so proud that she got as far a she did and it was a great way for her to showcase her talent.


2. Vlada Haggerty/ Vladamua

Vlada has to be one of my top 2 favourite artists on Instagram, her lip art and photography is amazing. You can tell the time she puts into her looks because of the sheer detail. I wish I could own one of her art prints because her work is amazing but unfortunately she only ships within the U.S.

She has recently launched a collection with Smashbox and I really hope it will be available in Australia because it just looks stunning. The collection is inspired by her love of rose gold, so you know it’s going to be beautiful. If I can’t purchase one of her prints I would love a piece from this collection.


3. Atleeeey

I have been following Ash for a while, I actually found her through her Youtube channel a few years ago. I really love her style, she creates some really bold looks that I love and I’m really inspired by her use of colour both in her looks and her feed.

I love following her she inspires me so much, because of her I’ve been really inspired by primary colours and I’m planning on going back to red hair which I haven’t had for many years because I loved the way it looked on her.


4. Marion Moretti/ marioncameleon

Marion creates some great looks and often posts multiple looks using one palette which I love because I can see hows it can be used in multiple ways. She creates some bold but wearable looks that really inspire me to want to practice my makeup skills and play with different colour combinations.

She is a certified makeup artist from Paris, I love watching her videos to see how she creates her looks, I just wish I knew French so I could understand what she is saying but that language barrier won’t stop me from enjoying watching her create amazing looks.


5. Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick/ kelseyannaf

I love following people who are bold and inspire me to jump outside the box, Kelseyanna is one of those people who inspires me to go outside my comfort zone when it comes to makeup. She is one of four makeup artist that is part of the Kat Von D Artistry Collective and while I love following them all I’ve only included two in this post.

I love Kelseyanna’s work, she creates colourful looks in her signature style and isn’t afraid to create something different which is what I love about following her.


6. Steffanie Strazzere/ sstrazzere

Steff is also a member of the Kat Von D Artistry Collective, I really love her style but also her use of colour. She inspires me to want to create bold and colourful looks as well as embrace my darker punk rock goth side which I can be afraid to show.

I love following these girls because Kat Von D Beauty is one of my favourite artistry brands and they inspire me to crawl out of my comfort zone and try new things when it comes to makeup. I love watching the official videos for the Kat Von D Artistry Collective to learn new techniques and just generally be inspired.

Who are your favourite Beauty Instagrammer’s that you follow? Any I should check out?


Disclaimer: Images captured from Instagram, all images copyrighted to the account owners.

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