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Makeup: If I Could Only Keep One Tag | Life Of Dahlia

Hey Beauty lovers, I know I’ve been doing a lot of these kinds of post lately but they are so much fun, as always I credit where I get the idea from. I originally saw this on Laurenmaybeauty’s Youtube channel, I recently discovered her channel and I love watching her videos, she has some great original content you should check her out If you love watching Youtube beauty videos. The original creator of this tag was Kelly Gooch, she came up with this tag where you have to pick on products in each category, e.g mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, etc.

I feel like this could be an interesting twist on the ‘Ride or Die’ holy grail products tag. I’ve chosen a small capsule of my collection for this tag and I was quite surprised with some of the products that I choose.

If I could only keep one…

Face Primer – Savvy by DB Smooth Finish Primer

This has been my favourite primer for years, when I went cruelty-free I wanted to find something similar to the Benefit Porefessional, but also I wanted something more affordable. I found this primer in Priceline and I’ve been repurchasing it for a few years now. It fills in my pores and gives my skin a nice smooth finish, I love using this even when I’m not wearing foundation.

Eye Primer – Essence I Love Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base

I struggled with this one I’m still on the hunt for an eyeshadow base that I really like but this is one of my current favourites, so that’s why I picked it. Essence is a super affordable brand even in Australia (If you live here you will know what I mean) but they have some great products, I quite like this it gives me a good base and cancels out any veins or redness on my eyelids while intensifying eyeshadows.

Foundation – DB Cosmetics Luminous Hydrating Foundation

This is new to me I only purchased it a few weeks ago, while I do have oily/combo skin I sometimes find full-on matte foundations two drying on my skin and I tend to look really cakey, which I don’t want. I’ve been really liking more hydrating formula, I love that glowy look and I can still set under my eyes and t-zone to target the areas where I get oily or crease.

Concealer – Australis Bye-Bye Blemish Concealer

I discovered this last year and a first I was a bit disappointed but after trying it out for a while it has become a favourite, while it may be a bit dark I feel like it does a decent job cancelling out my dark circles and pigmentation issues.

Setting Powder – Chi Chi Cosmetic Real Minerals Translucent Finishing Powder

This has been another favourite of mine for a few years now, it can be kind of expensive but I get way more product in this than in the ones from Australis or Nyx, so I’m okay with that. It sets my makeup well and doesn’t have a slight pigmentation like some translucent powders do. It also doesn’t contain any talc or parabens etc which is another reason why I love this so much.

Eyeshadow Palette – Too Faced Original Chocolate Bar Palette

If I only had to choose one eyeshadow palette I think I would choose the Too Faced Cosmetics Original Chocolate Bar palette because I can create many looks with this, it has some great neutrals but gives you some variety to create different looks.


Mascara – Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

This is a current favourite, I love the way it makes my lashes look, sometimes it ends up a bit clumpy but I feel like I can work with this product and I love its affordable price so If I could only keep one mascara I would choose this.

Brows – Chi Chi Cosmetics Brow Pomade

I love the Chi Chi Cosmetics Brow Pomades, I’ve been using them for a couple of years now and I have to say it is one of my favourites so I would keep this If I could only choose on brow products.

Bronzer – Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

If I could only have one Bronzer I think I would pick the Too Faced Cosmetics Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer, I like this because its similar to the Benefit Hoola Bronzer but Cruelty-free.

Blush – Australis Blush BFFs in Shop & Goss

I’ve had this in my collection for a little while and I recently rediscovered it, I love how it looks on my checks giving it a bit of a shimmery glow which I’m really into at the moment. If I could only have one blush in my collection I would choose the Australis Blush BFFs in Shop & Goss.

Highlighter – The Balm Mary-lou Manizer

If I could only keep one highlighter I would choose the Mary-lou Manizer highlighter by The Balm because I feel like this could go well with any makeup look.

Lipstick – Nyx Professional Makeup Liquid Suede in Soft-Spoken

This one was really hard because I have so many but I think Soft-Spoken from the Nyx Professional Makeup Liquid Suede range has to be one of my favourites.

If you could only keep one product in each category what would you choose?


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