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Whats on my Sephora wish list – Splurge or Purge | Life Of Dahlia

Its been a while now since I shared by Mecca Wishlist so I thought I would share my Sephora Wishlist, I’m going to go through my wishlist and tell you what I’m going to keep on there and what I’m going to remove. I have quite a bit on my wishlist so I’ll try to make each product explanation short.

Sephora Wishlist


Anastasia Beverly Hills – MoonChild Glow Kit $72 Purge
Anastasia Beverly Hills – Sugar Glow Kit $72 Purge

The ‘Moonchild‘ glow kit was the one I was originally interested in but it wasn’t available for the longest time and the ‘Aurora‘ glow kit became available before they released the ‘Moonchild’ on the Sephora Aus website so I purchased that because it was really similar. I’ve had this on my wishlist since it went up because I’ve wanted it for so long but I feel like its got some really similar shades to the ‘Aurora‘ so I really don’t need two that similar.

The ‘Sugar‘ glow kit was a holiday 2017 release and while I love the colours and have heard good things about the four pan glow kits I feel like I have stuff similar to this in my collection already so I’m going to purge on this as well and remove both of these from my list.

Fenty Beauty – Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in shade 110 cool – light  $50 & Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer Soft Matte $46 Purge

I was really interested in the Fenty Beauty ‘Pro Filt’r‘ foundations because of the shade range but I’ve heard so many mixed reviews on them, I’ve heard that they can oxidize which isn’t great when you really fair like me and I’ve heard that they don’t always play well with other primers and that you have to apply them a certain way so I’m going to purge this from my list.

Huda Beauty – Obsession Eyeshadow Palette – Mauve $48 Purge
Huda Beauty – Obsession Eyeshadow Palette – Electric $48 Purge
Huda Beauty – Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette $95 Splurge

I’ve heard good things about all these palettes but I feel like I could find dupes for the ‘Obsessions‘ palettes probably in my own collection or cheaper like the Nyx vivid brights palette would be good for a brights palette.

I’m really drawn to the ‘Desert Dusk‘ palette and I’ve heard pretty good things about it but the price is a bit crazy so I would get this if I could get it on sale, so for now, this will remain on my list.

Note – Not sure on This Brands CF Status



Marc Jacobs Beauty – Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in 42 Blacquer $36

I’m on the fence about whether I would purchase this because I love this eyeliner, I’ve had a couple of mini’s that I got using my Sephora perk points so I’ve tried it enough to know I like it but it’s $36 I just don’t know if I could justify purchasing it at that price. I’m leaving it for now, I have plenty of other eyeliners so that’s why I’m not sure. If I could get another mini with my points I would do that.

Tarte – Scrub Clean Travel Set $18
Tarte – Pamper & Prep Makeup Ready Set $24
Tarte – Top #shelfie Essentials Best Of Skincare Set $47

I’m still undecided whether I’m going to purchase more things from Tarte but I’m really interested in some of their skincare sets. I feel like they have some great travel sized sets that would be a great way to try something without committing to a full sized. I’m going to keep these on my list for now and may purchase in the future.

Tarte- Deep Dive Cleansing Gel 50ml (Travel Size)$18
Tarte – Brighter Days 15ml (Travel Size) $18 or 50 ml $50

I have a mini of the ‘Brighter Days’ Illuminizing moisturizer and I really like it I would purchase this again or go for a full size. Some of the stuff from the ‘Rainforest of the Sea‘ collection really interests me so I may purchase some in the future.

If you have made it this far thanks for sticking with me I know I had a lot on my list. What’s on your Sephora Wishlist? Have you tried any of the things on my list? Would you recommend any of them? Leave a comment below.


Disclaimer – Images and Information sourced from the Sephora Australia website, Images in this post copyrighted to original owners. Cover image by Me. This post is not sponsored and doesn’t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product.


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