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Too Faced Cosmetics just added a new chocolate scented palette to their range the ‘Chocolate Gold’ palette, I managed to pick it up when it launched on, so I thought it would be fun to do a review slash comparison with their other ‘smelly‘ palettes. I now own four of their ‘smelly‘ palettes, including the original ‘Chocolate Bar‘, the ‘Chocolate Bon Bon‘ and the ‘Sweet Peach‘ eyeshadow palettes.

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Chocolate Gold Palette

I’ve been playing with the new ‘Chocolate Gold‘ palette over the last month and it’s beautiful I’m very impressed. I’ve been a bit blah about Too Faced for the last year or so, most of their releases just didn’t do anything for me, especially when seeing the ‘White Chocolate‘ palette, I felt that was just really boring which was disappointing because their chocolate bar palettes are some of their best in my opinion.

When they sneak peeked the ‘Chocolate Gold‘ palette I was mind blow it looked stunning and was very different from anything that I had ever seen them release. I knew I wanted to wait to see reviews on this before deciding to get it, some of their previous releases had so many mixed reviews so I wanted to make sure it was good before purchasing.

So far I’ve been extremely impressed, This palette contains mostly shimmery shades, the exception being the four mattes which you can use for a base, transition or to deepen the crease. I think that this offers a great variety of colours including some more neutral shades, as well as some pops of colour.

The mattes are smooth and buttery, they blend well and are easy to use. The shimmers are pigmented and apply really nicely with or without foiling. I’ve used these with and without glitter glue, I do like them better with glitter glue but it’s not necessary.

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The Original Chocolate Bar Palette

The ‘Chocolate Bar‘ palette is the original chocolate scented palette that Too Faced released, This was the first one I bought from the range and is still one of my favourites to this day. It has a beautiful range of shades with varying textures including mattes, shimmers and glitter-infused shades.

I think this is a great neutrals palette meaning it’s not to warm and not too cool, I feel like this would also be great for people wanting to invest in their first high-end palette because it has some great mattes and beautiful neutral shimmery shades.

I find the mattes in this palette apply and blend nicely, and the shimmers look beautiful and can easily be applied with a brush wet or dry. It has a great range of shades that can be used on varying skin tones as well as having some great base, transition and deeper shades.

The only lacklustre shade in this palette is ‘Strawberry Bon Bon’ which has no pigmentation at all, it could be used to set a primer base but it really has no use other than that.

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Chocolate Bon Bon Palette

The ‘Chocolate Bon Bon‘ palette is cooler toned than the original ‘Chocolate Bar‘ palette so this would be better suited to people who like cooler toned eyeshadows, even though I am more drawn to warmer tones I still love this palette. This palette, however, would be suited to fair to light skin tones, while there is some pigmentation to these eyeshadows I feel like they may look very lacklustre on darker skin tones.

Like the ‘Chocolate Bar‘ palette, this does have a range of textures, including mattes and shimmer eyeshadows. I feel like it has a fantastic range of base, transition and deeper shades to create some great looks. It includes some neutrals but also pops of colour, I was originally drawn in by the pink shades in this I’m really not sure why because I rarely wear pink eyeshadow. I do find that I tend to reach more for the taupes and golden shades in this palette.

The scent in this palette is more subtle than the ‘Chocolate Bar‘ palette, I feel like this one is more Nesquick and the ‘Chocolate Bar‘ is more like Hot Chocolate.

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Sweet Peach Palette

The ‘Sweet Peach‘ palette has a peachy scent which is quite strong but pleasant. It contains a range of mattes, shimmer and glitter-infused eyeshadows. This palette was inspired by peaches and so it not only contains a few peach shades, it also has warm neutrals, deep purples, blacks, greens and some metallic gold and bronze shades.

I personally love this palette, I know there were a lot of mixed feeling about this palette but I actually really like it. I feel like most of the shadows in this palette are pretty good, but there are a few lacklustre shades in here, ‘White Peach‘, ‘Nectar‘ and ‘Delectable‘ are just a few that I personally feel aren’t that great. ‘White Peach‘ has no pigmentation what so ever, I didn’t include it in my swatches because it literally didn’t show up no matter how much you built it up. I will occasionally use it to set an eyeshadow primer but I usually use ‘Peaches ‘n Cream‘ to set my eyeshadow base.

Nectar‘ looks really pretty but I just don’t like the way it looks on me, its quite chunky and there is a bit of fall out, it’s just not one of my favourite shades. I also find that the shade ‘Delectable’ just doesn’t have the greatest pigmentation, it takes me forever to get this shade to work, it doesn’t build up that nice or blend out nicely which is a shame because this would look amazing with some of the peachy shades.

I wouldn’t write the whole palette of because of this, the other eyeshadows included in this palette are really beautiful. Though again like the ‘Chocolate Bon Bon’ I can’t see this working for a range of skin tones, some of the matte’s don’t have a lot of pigmentation so wouldn’t show up that great on darker skin tones, overall I feel like this would be better suited to fair to light skin tones.

Out of all these palettes, I find that they are catering to ‘fair/light‘ skin tones, while this is great for people like me it’s disappointing to see that brands aren’t thinking of everyone. However I do think that the ‘Chocolate Gold‘ would suit multiple skin tones because of the level of pigmentation of the eyeshadows, it has some darker tones including golds, coppers and purples that would look beautiful on anyone. It also has at least two maybe three mattes that could be used to set a primer or as transition shades if you’re fairer.

I think it’s a fantastic palette that for anyone who loves a shimmery glittery eyeshadow and I love that they have included a few mattes to help create an entire look without having to dip into another palette.

The original ‘Chocolate Bar‘ palette I feel could be used on fair to medium skin tones but I honestly don’t think someone with a deeper complexion would get much use out of this palette.

Has anyone purchased any of these palettes? what are your thoughts? What do you think about brands not catering to everyone? leave your comments below.

Look out for Part 2 of this post where I will be trying out the new ‘Chocolate Gold’ palette and sharing some looks I created with it.


You can find Too Faced Cosmetics products via the TooFaced website (note their shipping is limited to the US, Canada, Ireland, UK & Mexico ),, Ulta (US) (AUS & NZ), Debenhams (UK).

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored and doesn’t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product.

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