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This is a sneaky little bonus post that was is inspired by a video that I saw on Youtube by Elle S or ShadowSmoked88, She posted a video all about unusual makeup products that she loves. I was inspired to share Unusual Products that I love but I believe the original creator was LivLovesHerMakeup.

It’s no secret that I love colourful makeup, I may not always share it on my blog or social media but it makes up a majority of my collection, I obviously couldn’t share everything so I just picked a small capsule collection from my full collection.

NYX Cosmetics – Color Mascara & Vivid Brights Liquid Liner

I love Nyx Professional products, they are such a creative brand and they have some fun products that I love. These are recent additions to my collection from the ‘Color Mascara‘ & ‘Vivid Brights‘ ranges, I bought most of the colours in the ranges because I love being creative with the makeup and adding colour. I thought that the mascaras would be fun to create some unique looks with.

So Far I really love the ‘Blue‘ & ‘Purple‘ from the Mascara range and ‘Fire(red)‘, ‘Violet(purple)’ &‘Saphirre(blue)’ form the ‘Vivid Brights‘ range.

Vivid Brights Review

NYX Cosmetics – Liquid Suede & Wicked Lipsticks

I love the ‘Liquid Suede‘ & ‘Wicked‘ lipstick ranges, in addition to having a set of mini’s the shade ‘Stone Fox‘ is my favourite from the ‘Liquid Suede‘ which is why I have it in a full size, it’s such an unusual shade and this is why I was drawn to it, its a deep blue-grey and it looks really kool on.

I love the ‘Wicked’ lipstick range I have four of the stranger colours from the collection, ‘Risque(green)‘, ‘Envy(Blue)‘, ‘Immortal(purple)‘ & ‘Scandalous(teal)’. I admit I don’t wear these as much as I should because they look fabulous on, while most of this range was metallic I feel like it looks more subtle than say the ‘Cosmic Metals’.

Australis Cosmetics – Velourlips

Australis’s ‘Velourlips‘ might not be my favourite liquid lipstick formula but they have a few fun colours in their range including ‘Tok-i-o(purple)‘, ‘Em-ruled City(dark green)‘ (I had to have this just for the name, I’ve loved the Wizard of Oz since I was little),’To-Paz or not To-paz(navy blue)‘ & ‘Mel-burn(black)‘ is also fun to wear.

Models Prefer – Hologloss & Urban Decay – Vice Special Effects Lip Toppers

These are another new addition to my collection, I recently did a review on these comparing the Urban Decay ‘Vice Special Effects‘ lip toppers with the more affordable Models Prefer ‘Hologloss‘ lip toppers, you can find that review here if you’re interested.

These are a fun way to add some sparkle and dimension to your lips, I love wearing these over a lipstick or just on my bare lips, these are great they dry down, unlike a gloss which stays sticky so they are easier and more comfortable to wear.

I had some of the other shades from the UD range on my wishlist because they have some awesome colours but while I do love playing with these I don’t wear this kind of thing often enough to justify the $30 price tag.

Splurge or Purge liptopper Review

Chi Chi Cosmetics have been one of my favourite affordable Aussie brands for so long, when I first really started getting into makeup I couldn’t afford expensive palette like I buy now so I brought Chi Chi palettes. I still have a few in my collection including the ‘Pop Princess‘ palette which is newer addition to their range of palettes, I had been wanting a pastel palette since I saw the Kat Von D ‘Pastel Goth‘ palette but I wasn’t sure how much I would dip into it so I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money on one.

I actually really enjoy this palette and I love that it has a range of mattes and shimmers, I could totally use this palette by its self but I do feel like I need to dip into something else to add some depth to the looks I create with it. I definitely need a white or light base to use this because the eyeshadows need to be built up a bit but I find otherwise they apply really nicely.

Pop Princess Review

The Urban Decay ‘Electric’ Palette was my first high-end bright eyeshadow palette, I love pulling this out to create some fun bright eyeshadow looks. It has a range of press pigments in a beautiful range of colours, I particularly love ‘Urban’ (purple), ‘Jilted’ (magenta), ‘Slow burn’ (neon orange), ‘ Thrash’ (neon yellow) & ‘Fringe (teal).

While some of the shades in this may leave a bit of a stain, that doesn’t bother me because I find it doesn’t really last long at all. If you have this palette you will already know that this is why it has a warning on the packaging because the colourants in a few of the shades can leave a stain on your skin afterwards, like I said this doesn’t bother me that much.

Aurora Glow Kit
ABH – Aurora Glow Kit

This is another fairly recent addition to my collection the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Aurora’ glow kit. This is the only glow kit that I own from the brand but I love that it has a mix of wearable and colourful highlighters. They are really flattering on the skin and fun to wear, I love these as a highlight or as eyeshadow toppers. I really love ‘Eclipse’, ‘Helia’ and ‘Lyra’ they all look very pretty on the skin.

Aurora Glow Kit Review

What are your favourite Unusual makeup products? let me know in the comments.



You can find the mentioned Brands via the links below –

Nyx Professional Cosmetics – AUS – Official Website | Priceline Pharmacy | Target

US – Official Website | Canada – Official Website | UK – Official Site | Boots

Urban Decay – AUS – Mecca |

US & Canada – Official Website (US & International)| Sephora | UK – Official Website | Debenhams

Australis – AUS –  Official WebsitePriceline Pharmacy | Big W | Target

Anastasia Beverly Hills – International – Official Website | Cult Beauty | Beauty Lish | Beauty Bay | AUS – Sephora |US – Sephora | UK – Official Website

Models PreferPriceline Pharmacy


Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored and doesn’t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product.

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