BYS Cosmetics Contour Palettes Review

BYS Contour Palettes Review | Life of Dahlia

I recently picked up the BYS Cosmetics ‘Contour Palettes‘ in both the powder and cream versions. I thought these might be a great affordable alternative to the highend contour kits like the one’s from ‘Anastasia Beverly Hill’s’, so I decided to test them both out and in this post I’ll let you know what I think about them.

I’ve taking the last couple of months to test both of the contour palettes out so that I could really find the good and bad aspects of these palettes and let you really know whether they are affordable gems.

The Powder Contour Palette

I originally picked up the ‘Powder’ contour palette and then went back to pick up the ‘Cream’ one because initally I was quite impressed but after actually trying the powder one for the last couple of months, I do feel like it has its issues and I’ve had to try a few different things to get it to work.

The formula is quite powdery and chalky, when you apply it to the skin it can look a little muddy and patchy. I apply it and then blend it out with another brush so I can get it to work but it does take some work to get it looking nice.

Some of the shades aren’t too bad but they are quite warm, I have very fair skin so its hard for me to find colours that work for me but I feel like I can make at least two shades in this work for me, The lightest as a contour and the middle as a bronzer if I use a light hand.

The highlight powders I could use the lightest two to blend out the contour/bronzer powders but other than that they are a bit too dark for me to use for anything else. However I think this could work for a few skin tones but I think people with skin tones on the darker end of the spectrum will definatly have issues with this not being dark enough.

I think this could work for people from with lighter to medium skintones.

The Cream Contour Palette

The ‘Cream Contour’ palette has a similar shade range to the ‘Powder Contour’ palette, the contour shades are quite warm but look really nice when they are on. I feel like the highlight shades are more usable on a variety of skin tones than the powder equivalents. I can make two of the contour shades work on myself without having to mix but one is more of a bronzer on my skin tone. I can also use as two of the highlight shades, which is great considering I have such fair skin tone.

I was able to get two of the contour shades in this palette to work for me by mixing the middle shade with one of the highlight shades. I tried using the lighter shades as a cream concealer they work ok on some areas but not ideal for under the eyes, they creased really bad and were hard to set with a powder.

I ended up panning most of this palette by mixing the darker contour shades with the lighter highlight shades, I was able to pan four out of six pans in this palette.

Are The BYS Contour Palettes Worth it?

I think the ‘Cream’ contour palette is worth purchasing, even for a makeup artist, it wears nicely even unset, so if your a makeup artist just starting out then this might just be one to pick up for your kit until you can afford a higher end palette.

It applies really nice, it has decent pigmentation and is fairly easy to blend out. I usually take some out with a spatula or the handle of my brush and put it on the back of my hand to warm it up and then apply with a brush to my face. I will then use my sponge to blend it in so there are no harsh lines and to make it look more natural.

However I think the ‘Powder’ contour palette is only okay, It can look muddy when applied and there for I would say that I don’t recommend this one as much. I still have this one and while I do still use it I think their has to be a better one on the market.

Have you tried either of these BYS Contour palettes? Did you like them or were they a pass? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, I hope you have a lovely day.

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