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Splurge or Purge Affordable Vs. Highend – Lip Topper Review | Life Of Dahlia

Today I want to talk about a fun addition to my collection, In the last year I’ve noticed a lot of colour shifting lip toppers and iridescent lip glosses are starting to come on the market. The first ones that really took my fancy were the Urban Decay ‘Vice Special Effects’ lip toppers, they come in a range of colour shifting glittery shades, from deep purples to clear with glitter. The ones that really stood out at first were the deeper shades but in all honesty, I had to stop myself because realistically I would probably never wear them, I opted for a more wearable shade to start off with.

Not long after purchasing ‘Fever’ from the range I started noticing that more affordable versions were coming out and I was curious to know whether they would be comparable so I picked up a couple of the ModelsPrefer Holo-Gloss lip toppers to try out.


The name is quite deceiving not only because they aren’t really Holographic they are more iridescent that holo but also they dry down, unlike a gloss which would remain gloss on the lips. In this way, they are quite similar in formula to the UD lip toppers which also dry down on the lips.

I picked up ‘Rose Quartz’ and ‘Diamond Crush’, which are similar in colour to ‘Fever’ but are more rosy and pink tones with blue and gold shifts, unlike ‘Fever’ which is a peachy pink with a blue/green shift. In the images below you can see how they apply, in person though I think you can see little specks of glitter, in the photos it shows more of the colour shift.


I used the same lipstick so that you could see the shift and how each applies over a lipstick. I’ve played with these over multiple lipsticks and on their own and I think they look amazing both over a lipstick and by themselves. I find that they work better with a matte liquid lipstick than a traditional lipstick bullet formula, but thats just my personal experience.


I put these all to a wear test, including doing day-to-day things like eating and drinking, I do find none of them last long throughout the day, so you will need to re-apply after eating a meal.

Packaging wise, the UD one is prettier but I’m not a fan of the brush which you use to apply the product, while the MP ones have basic packaging by I prefer the doe foot applicator.


Other than the need to reapply after meals which doesn’t bother me, I do think these products great and they are pretty comparable if you ask me. While the Urban Decay range does have more colour options than the ModelsPrefer range, I would definitely say Purge and go for the more affordable ones, there is no reason to spend $30 on one if you can get something just as decent for a fraction of the price.

I had lots of fun testing these out, I love that these dry down and they look so great over any colour. If you are interested in the Urban Decay or ModelsPrefer* ranges you can find links to these throughout this post, these are for reference only just in case you wanted to find them (don’t do affiliate links or Sponsored posts.)

I was just wondering has anyone else tried any of these, what were your thoughts on them? Comment below and let me know. If you have any suggestions on products I should try out let me know.


*ModelsPrefer can be found in Priceline & Priceline Pharmacy stores around Australia, this is one of their house brands.

Disclaimer – this is not a sponsored post and does not contain any affiliate links, all links included are for reference only.

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