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Favourite Manic Panic Hair Dyes – Review | Life Of Dahlia

I’ve been dying my hair all sorts of bright colours for many years, even now that I’m in my 30’s I don’t feel like its something I have to change just because I’m not in my 20’s anymore. It makes me happy and its part of how I like to express myself as a creative person. I’m fortunate to not be bound by workplace rules so I can express myself through creative hair and makeup colours.

One of my favourite brands that I’ve been using for many years is Manic Panic, if you have ever dyed your hair a bright colour you will probably have heard of this brand. Today I’m sharing with you some of my top favourite colours from the ‘Manic Panic’ line and If I can scrounge up some photos of my hair in these colours I’ll post them.

Favourite Combo’s


Electric Banana & Sunshine

I’m pairing these up because I like to mix colours together to get the colour I’m looking for. I did this with ‘Electric Banana‘ and ‘Sunshine‘ from the Manic Panic Semi-permanent line. These two have been my favourite colours for the last 6 months or so, I love them both they are lovely bright yellow colours and they last maybe 8 weeks or so before you really start noticing any fading. Saying that even when faded they still make a beautiful pastel yellow colour.




Electric Tigerlily & Psychedelic Sunset

This has to be my other favourite combo mixing ‘Electric Tigerlily and Psychedelic Sunset‘. I loved this combo and its something I’ve gone back to over and over again. It creates a fun bright orange. I originally used the darker shade on my roots and then the lighter all over. No matter how I used it I loved both these colours mixed and alone.

I find that the warmer colours that Manic Panic offer tends to have greater longevity, I found that like the Yellows these can last 8-10 weeks before showing fading which is great for a semi-permanent range.

Cool Tones


Enchanted Forest

I apologise for the photos they are pretty old now and not the greatest as they were just bad selfies taken with my phone lol But at least it gives something for reference. I didn’t take many photos of my hair back when these were taken so I don’t have any freshly dyed photos.

As far as cool tones this was probably one of my favourites out of these three cool-toned dyes and probably lasted the longest as far as longevity goes. I did find it faded patchy but most colours do that on my hair.



I couldn’t find any photos with this colour on my hair but it was a pretty colour, this colour probably faded the quickest out of all the colours I’ve tried from manic panic and this was probably why I only had it once. Now that I have a better hair care routine I would try this out again, maybe I would have different results.



I remember using this teal shade, it was one of the first cool tones I used and I loved the colour when I first put it one. I don’t know why but I just had to try this out, I had similar results to the ‘Enchanted Forest‘ shade as far as longevity. I would try this colour again or go for a brighter blue, or maybe mix two.

Sorry, this turned out to be more random than I anticipated, I do love Manic Panic they are one of my Favourite hair colour brands. I love experimenting with colours and they offer a huge range of colours to choose from, I do find that their warmer shades have longer longevity than the cool toned dyes.

I have tried coloured ombre’s with Manic Panic dyes before and as far as that goes it just never worked out because they do tend to bleed, I have tried dyes from other brands as well and I have found similar issues so I just think its a common thing and not specific to this brand alone.

I’m going to leave you with a few tips to help your colour last longer.

Tips –

  • If you use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner it will help any colour last longer.
  • Washing your hair with cold to luck warm water will help your colour to last.
  • If you are pre-bleaching your hair, to keep your hair healthy consider using sulfate free hair treatment to put moisture back in your hair. Do this everytime you wash your hair.
  • Try to wash your hair once a week if possible this will help your colour to last.
  • Also, try to refrain from using heat tools as much as possible and when you do make sure that you use a heat protectant spray to prevent damage to your hair. (heat tools will help in colour fading and damage if used excessively especially without a protectant spray.)

I’m by no means a hairdresser this is just things I’ve learnt over the years from my own hairdressers. If you have any questions I would as a hair professional for advice.

If you’re interested in the brand you can find them via multiple retailers, for Aussies you can find them at Price Attack and Hair House Warehouse stores or via sites like Beserk. If you’re international you can find it via the brand website.

Have you tried any colours from Manic Panic? What are your favourites? What other brands do you like? let me know in the comments.


P.s Manic Panic is a cruelty-free and vegan brand, thought you might like to know.

Disclaimer – this is not a sponsored post and does not contain any affiliate links, all links included are for reference only.

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