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I was inspired to share with you some of my favourite products that I’ve purchased from ‘Mecca‘. For those who don’t know what ‘Mecca‘ is, ‘Mecca‘ is an Australian Store that was basically Australia’s Sephora before we had Sephora. They sell big brands like Too Faced, Urban Decay, Bareminerals, Hourglass, By Terry, Josie Moran, etc

I’ve been purchasing from ‘Mecca‘ for a few years now and I tend to just purchase off their website because they generally have all the good stuff in their ‘Mecca Maxima‘ stores which Adelaide has only just recently had one open (and which I’ll still probably never visit because it’s like a couple of hours away) and not their ‘Mecca Cosmetica‘ stores which we have two of here.

I don’t mind purchasing off their website, I tend to do a lot of research before purchasing anyways but it would be great though to see and touch things in person. I check out swatches and reviews before making any high-end purchases because we can’t return things here unless they are faulty or give you some sort of reaction.

Because I do a lot of research beforehand I’ve never been disappointed with any of my purchases from ‘Mecca‘. In addition to great products they have fantastic customer service, I usually receive any purchases within a couple of days no matter what. They have also always been great when returning emails and their staff instore are always polite and helpful.

TheirBeauty Loop‘ loyalty program is quite good also, if your a level 1,2, or 3 you are entitled to some lovely benefits like a free quarterly sample box which often have some great deluxe sized items in there. With each online purchase, you are also allowed to select 3 samples to place in your cart (you don’t need to be a beauty loop member to do this.)

I’ll stop telling you how great ‘Mecca‘ is an get onto sharing my favourite products. My favourites so far mainly consist of products from either ‘Too Faced Cosmetics‘ and ‘Urban Decay‘, I’ve tried a few samples of some other products I’d like to try out but I haven’t purchased yet, I’m going to talk about those more in my ‘Mecca Wishlist‘ post later on.


Favourite Too Faced Cosmetics Products

    • The Original Chocolate Bar palette – This was my first ever purchase from Mecca and also from ‘Too Faced Cosmetics‘ obviously. I still love this palette and I’ve gone back to using it a lot recently it’s my all-time favourite neutrals palette, it has some fantastic mattes shades and some beautiful shimmer shades. I can create a range of beautiful looks with this and that’s why it remains one of my favourites.


    • Chocolate Bon Bons palette – This was my second ‘Too faced’ palette and while I do love it I don’t reach for it as much as I wish I did, I want to be more inspired this year to reach for some of my older palettes and create some looks with them, this one especially. This one is cooler toned than the ‘Chocolate Bar‘ palette, it has some neutral browns in varying shades as well as some pops of colour. I was originally drawn in because of these but I hardly gravitate towards them which is kind of interesting.


  • The Sweet Peach Collection – I think this is actually one of my favourite ranges from Too Faced and I’m so glad that Mecca got this collection. I purchased mine almost a year ago when it released at the end of January, it was probably one of my biggest purchases from Mecca to date because I purchased three items from the range. I dived in and bought the eyeshadow and glow/cheek palette, as well as one of the peach infused lip oils. I still love them all.





  • ‘The glow cheek palette ‘includes a bronzer, blush and highlight with peaches embossed into each. I still love this, I don’t reach for it as much as I used to but I still love the way it looks every time I use it.



  • The peach oil lip gloss is fantastic it’s not sticky it just glides on and looks beautiful. I have the shade ‘Papa don’t peach‘ which is a nude peach shade, I’m not a lip gloss person usually because I hate that stickiness it’s just not for me but this is beautiful it’s not sticky at all.



  • My last two favourites from ‘Too Faced‘ are the Chocolate Soleil bronzer and Melted liquified lipstick in ‘Chihuahua‘, I received both of these as samples in Beauty Loop boxes. I had been wanting to try both of these and they are great introductions to products, I would definitely purchase full sizes of both.



Favourite Urban Decay products –

    • The Electric palette – I don’t own many ‘Urban Decay’ products because they are so expensive they can retail anywhere from $80 to $100 dollar, which is why I only own a few things. What I do love about the brand is their more creative products like the ‘Electric palette’ which includes a range of bright matte and shimmery pressed pigment eyeshadows. Because they are pressed pigments they pack a punch when it comes to pigment, which can be good and bad, I have had trouble working with some of the matte shades in here because of that but I still love this palette it just takes a little work.


  • The Moondust palette – This is the only other ‘Urban Decay‘ palette I currently own and again it’s a fun palette to work in a good way. This palette includes eight glitter eyeshadows, in a variety of colours including a couple of pinks, a purple, a green, a blue and a few darker shades. I love using these for an extra sparkly look, I have created a range of looks with this from more ethereal looks to more grungy looks it is truly a beautiful palette.



  • My other favourite products are fairly new to me and I want to buy more, particularly their ‘single eyeshadows but I um and arr because they are over $30 each. I only own one of their single eyeshadows in the colourLounge I saw it in one of their limited edition palettes but didn’t like any of the other colours,  I’m so glad they offer it in a single because it is one of my favourite eyeshadows that I own. ‘Lounge’ is a unique duo-chrome shadow that has a deep red-brown base with green shift it’s absolutely beautiful.



  • Last is one of the ‘Vice Special Effect Lip Toppers in ‘Fever‘, this range had so many beautiful colours to choose from and originally I was drawn to some of the more unique colours but I decided to be realistic and go for something a bit more wearable. Fever is a beautiful sheer ‘Pink red with green 3D sparkle and shift’, its such an awesome concept and while I don’t wear it a lot it always looks kool when I do. You can wear these on top of any lipstick or by its self If you wish to.


I’m going to be sharing my Mecca Wishlist very soon, along with several reviews on some of the products mentioned in this post. I’ve included links to these products on the Mecca website, these are not affiliate links and this post is not sponsored I just like to include links so that anyone reading my posts can find any products mentioned.

Have you shopped at Mecca, what are your favourite products? Have you tried any of these products or brands? Let me know in the comments.

See you in the next post,


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