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Warm Palette Comparison – Affordable VS. Highend | Life Of Dahlia

I decided to start a new series inspired by Livloveshermakeup on Youtube called ‘Splurge or Purge‘, Liv usually talks about a series of items and whether she thinks they are worth buying. In my series I want to compare products, high-end vs. affordable and whether I think the more expensive version is worth splurging for or if you should go for the more affordable version.


If you couldn’t tell warm toned palettes have been trending for the last couple years, every makeup company under the sun has brought out their own variation of a warm toned palette. This has its Pro’s and Con’s, Pro’s being that more affordable versions are coming out and Con’s being how many warm toned palettes do you actually need.

In this post, I’m going to be comparing the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Modern Renaissance‘ and the BYS Cosmetics ‘Berries‘ palettes.


The Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Modern Renaissance‘ palette is one of my favourite warm-toned palettes on the market, I bought mine last year and I love some of the looks I can create with it. It offers a range of beautiful warm tones, from soft orange/ mustard and orange tones through to warm berries and brown tones.

These eyeshadows are soft and buttery and they have beautiful pigmentation. You will find mostly matte eyeshadows in this palette but it also has some beautiful shimmery shades to work with. Because they are so soft they will have a bit of kick up, you can probably see that in my picture but they are very blendable which makes them easy for anyone to use.


The BYS Cosmetics ‘Berries‘ palette is by far the closest dupe I’ve come across so far, it offers a similar range of colours to the ‘Modern Renaissance‘ and is a fraction of the price. If you’re in Australia the ‘Modern Renaissance‘ retails for $75 which is quite hefty if you ask me, whereas the ‘Berries‘ palette will cost you no more than $20 ( depending on where you purchase from.)

Do I think that its comparable to the ‘Modern Renaissance‘, colour wise yes, quality wise no, but I don’t think you should expect to get the same quality for a cheaper product. I do think its good for a more affordable version if your looking to get something similar but can’t afford to spend $75 on a palette.


I have swatched and played around with both palettes and I like them both but I do struggle to get them to blend similar, I felt like the eyeshadows in the ‘Berries‘ palette just blended into a bit of a muddy mess but maybe that’s just my lack of blending skills.

You can see in the image below I tried recreating the same look using both palettes, on the left is the look using the ‘Modern Renaissance‘ and on the right is the ‘Berries‘ palette. The pigmentation is lacking in the ‘Berries‘, it can be built up but I couldn’t build it up anywhere near the left eye. If you want softer looks I think its fine for that.

I tried spraying my brush to help build up the shimmer but it didn’t do much, maybe I should have tried a sticky base or my finger but I wanted to compare these using basic techniques so that I could see how the shadows worked on their own.


Final verdict, should you ‘Splurge or Purge‘, If you have the money to be able to afford the ‘Modern Renaissance‘ I do think its worth it and you should totally go for it if you like warmer tones. However, If you’re looking to experiment with warm tones and are not sure, $20 is a better price if you don’t want to invest straight away.

I do still think the BYS Cosmetics ‘Berries‘ can create some beautiful looks even if the quality isn’t as good as more expensive palettes on the market, and I’m well aware that not everyone has the cash to splurge on a $75 palette so I do think its good for a more affordable palette and worth getting if the ‘MR‘ isn’t in your budget.

I’m looking forward to continuing this series, I’m hoping to continue this format and compare products, they may be highend vs. affordable or just single products. I’m not sure yet but I’m excited to see where this series takes me.

I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating on where I want to take myself this year like what do I want to focus on and currently I’m working on my beauty blog and Instagram. I’ve decided to shut down my facebook pages because I just didn’t think they were worth maintaining anymore and I’m focusing on my Instagram page instead.

I’m hoping to do some more of my fine-art photography stuff but we will see how that goes, I’m not putting any pressure on myself because I do it for me and no one else. I’ve struggled with inspiration and learning to live with Fibromyalgia hasn’t helped, as I often feel tired or in pain, so If I create then I do if I can’t get myself there that’s okay too.

I hope you enjoyed this post if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below, or if you would like to suggest a product for me to compare or review feel free to leave that in the comments as well. I’m on a low buy this year but I’m still allowing some purchasing so I’m happy to take your suggestions.

See you in the next post,


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Credit – this series inspired by Livloveshermakeup on Youtube, check her out she is one of a few people I’ve come across that does truly honest reviews, she is worth checking out.

Disclaimer – this is not a sponsored post and does not contain any affiliate links, all links included are for reference only.

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Erin Applebee is an Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Beauty Blogger from Adelaide, South Australia. Currently only posting to my beauty blog regularly Life of dahlia.

4 thoughts on “Warm Palette Comparison – Affordable VS. Highend | Life Of Dahlia

  1. Great review and comparison! I have the ABH palette, but I also have a few warm Colourpop and Huda’s Mauve Obsessions. They are all amazing, but I do have too many warm palettes! You only really need so many, LOL!


    1. Totally I feel like brands are going a little bit crazy with releasing all these warm palettes, while I do love warm colours I’d love to see some more original concepts if thats even possible.


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