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Project Pan – Update One | Life Of Dahlia

It that time of the month, I’m here to give you the first updates on my Project Pan for 2018. A few things have changed since my last post I swapped out a couple of lip products because they just weren’t working for me but I’ve since added a new lipstick in and a couple of palettes that I don’t get as much use out of as I would like. I thought these would work great with the couple of cream eyeshadows that I have included in my project pan.

For my first update, I’m just including some new items and some that I’ve actually made progress on.


I’ve included the ‘Gingerbread Cookie‘ and ‘Peppermint Latte‘ palettes from the Toofaced Cosmetics 2016 holiday collection. I thought these would pair great with my bronze and gold cream eyeshadows.

I don’t reach for these as much as some of my other palettes so I wanted to make a conscious effort to use these up. I’m focusing more on the eyeshadows than the blush and bronzer, while I really like the blush the bronzer isn’t my favourite and I’m focusing on another bronzer for this years project pan.


I’ve struggled using this Innoxa ‘Colour Corrector Concealer’ palette in the past, I really loved it when I first bought it but I just don’t reach for it that much anymore. I don’t love it for under my eyes because it creases even when set with a lot of powder. But I want to make it work and use up as much as possible.

I’m going to focus on the peach and green first and then move on to the yellow and lavender. I probably won’t be able to use the other two concealer shades, I may try them for cream bronzer/contour.


I’ve included a new lipstick to replace the other two I took out, I ended up throwing them away because they had gone bad and it wasn’t until I had started using them that I realized. I’ve included the Revlon Colour Stay lip crayon in ‘Sultry’, I really love this colour so I know I will want to wear it a lot. I haven’t made much progress yet but I’m sure it won’t take me long to get through this.

I’ve made a little bit of progress on my ‘Coral In Gold’ Lasting Finish lipstick by Rimmel and I’m almost finished my Perfume and two of my primers which is exciting. I should be finished all of these by the next update.


I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my ‘Stay Matte’ powder I even repressed it because I was all around the sides, I may even have to do this again to finish it up. I should be finished this by next update, then I can start on my full one.

I’ve made a little bit of progress on some of my brow products, eyeliner and hopefully, by next update, I may have used up the ‘Bye’Bye Blemish’ concealer from Australis.

I haven’t made much progress on my ‘Hola’ bronzer but I wanted to include this because I mentioned that I was working on another bronzer. This is a little bit dark for me but I find with a light hand I can make it work.

progress sheet

I wanted to include my progress chart for how much I’ve used up on lipstick, eyeliners etc, I’ll try to include this each update so you can see my progress.

Are you attempting a Project Pan this year? What products have you included? Are you doing update posts? comment below I would love to see your Project Pan’s.

See you next time.


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One thought on “Project Pan – Update One | Life Of Dahlia

  1. Great progress! I started a skincare project pan this quarter starting in January and ending in March. I’ve already used up a few products so I’ll do an update at the end of this month.


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