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I wanted to create a fun post sharing my Top 5 Channel’s to watch on Youtube. My feed mainly consists of beauty related channels at the moment but not entirely, there is one in particular that I’ve been watching for many years.

    1. Beauty News

      Number one on my favourite channel’s is ‘Beauty News‘, I fell in love with this channel a year or so ago and I’ve been tuning in 3 days a week for ‘Beauty News’ (both new releases and updates episodes) and ‘The Makeup Breakup‘ where the girls break up makeup and weigh it to make sure your getting what is advertised. I also follow both Kat and Hailey‘s personal channels. I just love their personalities and the fact that they are Aussie girls makes them really relatable.

    2. ThreadBanger

      I’ve been following Rob and Corinne on ‘Threadbanger‘ for so many years that I can’t count. They have a DIY channel, back in the day they posted all sorts of tutorials including sewing and crafts; They are still crafty but now they post series like Man vs. Pin, Corrine vs. Pin and Man vs. Din just to name a few.
      Both have their own personal channels which are great to watch to, so if you like DIY and a laugh you will probably enjoy this channel.

    3. Atleeey

      I’ve been following Ash for a while now and I’m constantly inspired by the looks she creates and the videos she posts. I love that she is also open about her anxiety, I think that makes her really relatable.

      Check out her channel for some awesome makeup inspiration.

    4. Liv Loves Makeup

      I love Liv‘s no bullshit attitude, this girl is one of the very few beauty YouTubers who tells it how it is and she has some of the most original content on the platform. They usually are short and sweet kind of videos which I don’t mind, she has more of a review channel than applying makeup but I know I can rely on her to tell me whether a product is good or not.

    5. Raw Kristy Beauty

      I followed Kristy for the longest time without watching a video but once I did I loved her. She does both reviews and makeup looks, she does a lot of first impressions but I feel like her opinions are quite honest and her makeup looks are really inspiring.

    Who are your Favourite Youtubers? Are you a fan of Beauty News, Threadbanger or any of the other channels I mentioned?


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erin applebee

Erin Applebee is an Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Beauty Blogger from Adelaide, South Australia. Currently only posting to my beauty blog regularly Life of dahlia.

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