Music Favourites + Subscription Recommendations | Life of Dahlia

Music Favourites + Subscription recommendations | Life Of Dahlia

I suffer from Anxiety, Depression and other illnesses but the one thing that I’ve found really helps me get through it is listening to Music and Audio Books, So I wanted to share with you some of my favourite music that I love listening to that helps me get through the tough times, but I also wanted to recommend my favourite music and audiobook subscriptions.

Some of these are some old favourites and some are newer but I’ve still been listening to most of them for over a year.


#1 . Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators

This has been my favourite band to listen to over the last couple of years I don’t know why but I just seem to calm me down because I just get so engrossed in listening to it, I can just concentrate on the music and block everything out.

The combination of Myles Kennedy’s voice and Slashes awesome guitar riffs make it an awesome set of album’s to listen to.

2# Guns n’ Roses

I couldn’t not include Slash’s original band Guns n’ Roses, I’ve been listening to this along with his other work and I love listening to them just as much, so much so that I themed my birthday celebrations after it. My favourite album to listen to is their original album ‘Appetite for Destruction‘ (which was coincidentally released in the year I was born) as well as a bunch of their other albums.

Some of my favourite songs include ‘Night train’, ‘Sweet child of mine’, ‘Welcome to the jungle’, ‘Estranged’ and ‘Better’ just to name a few.


#3 Gyroscope

I’ve been listening to this band for around 15 years, they were one of the first bands I saw in concert along with The Living End when I was 16 years old & I’ve rediscovered my love for their music in the past couple of years. I’m going to see them play at The Gov in January which is quite nostalgic because this is where I first saw them play.

I love all their albums but If I had to choose a favourite it would be a tie between ‘Cohesion‘ and ‘Breed Obsession‘.


#4 Halestorm

I discovered Halestorm a couple of years ago and saw them in concert about a year after discovering their music, I love the fact that they are a female fronted band and Lzzy Hale is an incredible musician and singer, I just love her voice. They have a bunch of great albums including some awesome cover albums and they are currently working on new material which I can’t wait to hear.

I loved their albums so much that I bought a couple on Vinyl to add to my collection.


#5 Evanescence

Another old favourite that I’ve recently rediscovered, I love their latest album ‘Synthesis‘ which is a bunch of their older songs reimagined with orchestral arrangement and electronica music elements, as well as the addition of two new songs. I’m kind of disappointed that I won’t be able to see this in its full glory when they tour in Australia next year because they are only venturing to the eastern states.

I’ve also been loving their ‘Lost Whispers‘ & their self titled album for 2011.

This post is not sponsored in any way I just wanted to put that out there, all the links provided are for reference only and so that you can find what I’ve mentioned in case your interested in checking them out. Furthermore, I wanted to recommend my favourite audio subscriptions that I love listening to.


I use ‘Google Music’ to listen to a lot of my music, it allows me to discover new music and listen to it via my phone, computer, tablet or iPod. I can download it via my device to listen to on the go when a wifi connection isn’t available or stream when I there is.

The ‘Google Music’ Subscription is relatively expensive starting at $10-15 a month, like most subscriptions you recieve the first month free and are charged there after.


This next one is a recent discovery I made this year. I have always enjoyed reading but sometimes I feel like I have lot on my mind or I feel too exhausted to read so I find it hard to read, But I discovered a subscription called ‘Audible its owned by ‘Amazon‘ and it gives you a monthly credit to spend on an Audiobook, as well as heavy discounts on all audiobooks available on the website.

In addition, If you have a kindle, you can purchase the companion audiobook to go with your ebook for a discounted price, if it’s available. I have a kindle but I also enjoy reading a good old book so I often purchase the audio book to go along with my book and I listen to it while reading. This helps me get emersed in the book and block out the world and relax my brain for a little bit.

This is a great service and is relatively inexpensive at $16.45, they offer a free first-month trial, you receive one book during your free month and access to discounts.

Keep an eye out though for deals because I got my first couple of paid months for a discounted price and 2 credits with my full paying month. Other benefits are they often have sales on audiobooks bringing them down below the $16.45 which is already a hugely discounted price. To compare check out the regular prices before signing up and you’ll see what a difference it makes.

I just wanted to add a note about another service ‘Amazon‘ offer that I signed up for but thought it was crap which is ‘Kindle Unlimited‘, it seems like a great deal being able to get both the ebook and audio books but its more a lending library and you can’t get them separately. but the one thing that really put me off was there weren’t that many great books on offer it was more self-published works which is not a problem but let’s face it people want best sellers and popular books, which this service is sorely lacking.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite music that I’ve been listening to this past year, I thought it would be fun to share whats been on my playlist.

Whats been on your playlist this year? Are you a fan of any of the bands I just mentioned?

I hope you all have a Happy Holidays.


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