Chi Chi Cosmetics – Pop Princess Palette Review

I’m unsure if this product is still available, if not Chi Chi probably have something quite similar in their range.

Chi Chi Cosmetics Pop Princess Eyeshadow Palette Review | Life of Dahlia

If you have been following me for a while you’ll probably know that Chi Chi Cosmetics is one of my favourite affordable cosmetic companies.

Recently they have introduced a bunch of new palettes to their range over the last couple of years and when I saw the Pastels in the Pop Princess Palette I knew I wanted it.

I have been wanting a pastel palette since the ‘Pastel Goth’ palette came out, I didn’t purchase that one because honestly, I didn’t think I would use it enough to want to pay $60 for it, so I’ve been waiting for a more affordable brand to come out with something similar.

When I first saw this I was more interested in the mattes than the shimmers but when I actually saw it in store I completely changed my mind. I love the colours of both the mattes and the shimmers, however, I do think that I would prefer a green matte instead of two purples.

The ‘Lilac’ shades are so similar to the ‘Pink’s’ in this palette I felt like they were so similar that one could have been replaced by something else.

The Pop Princess Eyeshadow Palette

In this palette, you get some nice warm and cool tones, including a yellow (matte), gold (shimmer), Peach (matte & shimmer), Pink (matte & shimmer), Lilac (matte & shimmer), Lavender (matte & shimmer), Blue (matte) and Greeny Blue (shimmer.)

I’ve had fun playing around with all of the eyeshadows in this palette and I’ve been really enjoying them they can add a nice pop of subtle colour or a fun over all pastel look. I really liked the mattes especially but the shimmers are equally as beautiful. This palette has really inspired me to create some fun pastel looks.

I do find though that I need to build these up a bit and that the mattes work best on a sticky and/or white base. But I find that they are all quite workable and I’m not disappointed at all, If your looking for a fun subtle pop of colour this palette is definatly worth a look at.

It retails for around $25 Australian Dollars I believe and can be purchased from Chi Chi stockists around Australia, Target Australia and Myer are both Chi Chi stockist so you may be able to check out one near you.

Chi Chi Cosmetics Pop Princess Eyeshadow Palette Review | Life of Dahlia
Chi Chi Cosmetics Pop Princess Eyeshadow Palette Swatches


The swatches above are all brush swatches (on top of a primer) but as you can see I still did need to build them up to get a nice level of pigmentation, this works the same with application.

Makeup Look

I used about 5 or 6 different eyeshadows from the Pop Princess eyeshadow palette to create this look. I decided to use a sticky white base to help get the best pigmentation possible out of the eyeshadows, I like to use the Nyx Professional Makeup Jumbo eye pencil in ‘Milk’ or the Colour Pop white concealer for this and I will blend them out with a brush or my finger to get a nice blend around the edges.

From here I started to apply the eyeshadow, I started with the ‘Peach’ matte (second row, second eyeshadow in from the left) in my crease as a transition shade, I used a patting motion and then blended out the edges. Then I went in with the ‘Lilac’ matte (second row, four eyeshadow in from the left) and blended it on top of the ‘Peach’. (I probably didn’t need to add the ‘Peach’ but I was just playing so thats how it ended up.)

I added the ‘Lavender’ matte (second row, fifth shadow from the left) into the outer corner and a bit into the crease to add some depth, I used a patting motion to build up the colour.

I then started adding in a couple of the shimmer eyeshadows, starting by adding the ‘Lavender’ shimmer eyeshadow (first row, fifth from the left) into the outer portion of my mobile lid while still leaving a bit of the ‘Lavender’ matte showing. I then added the ‘Lilac’ shimmer to the inner and center protion of my lid blending the two shimmers where they meet.

I like to use a flat eyeshadow brush when working with shimmer or metallic eyeshadows I find it gives me a similar look to if I had applied them with my finger but with greater control.

I would normally use a glitter glue when using shimmer eyeshadows it helps prevent fallout, however I didn’t on this look because I wasn’t going to be wearing it for long but If your going to be wearing it all day and your finding you are getting alot of fall out some glitter glue might help, Nyx and Toofaced Cosmetics both sell a glitter glue, if your looking for one. I swear by the TF one it can be expensive but it will last you for a long time trust me so it’s worth it.

Another tip if your shimmer or metallic eyeshadow isn’t giving you the desired effect try using some setting spray or just use water to dampen your brush before applying the shimmer eyeshadows, by wetting the brush it will help with applying the eyeshadow and giving it a more foiled look.

now moving on back to the eye look, after applying the various eyeshadows to my eye lid I went in with one of the Colour Pop BFF Gel Eyeliners in ‘Zulu’ (you can also get this in a pencil but I prefer the pot liners I find them easier to work with), I used a eyeliner brush to apply the liner and created a winged shape. I prefer using an thin angle brush but a regular eyeliner brush also works.

I wanted to go for a more pastel ethereal look for this one but it would also look great with a black wing and mascara which would give a nice contrast against the pastel look of the eyeshadow.

From here I added the Nyx Professional Makeup Coloured Mascara in the shade ‘CM07 Forget Me Not’ to my eyelashes, keeping with that pastel theme.

I then added the ‘Lavender’ matte to my lower lash line and blended the edges slightly, on the inner corner I added the ‘Yellow’ matte (second row, first from the left) topping with a gold shifting highlighter from another palette.

I added a white eyeliner to the lower lash line to help brighten the eyes.

If your wondering how I did my brows I used the Colour Pop BFF Mascara in ‘Little White Lie’ on a disposable mascara wand and then combed it through my brows until it lightened my natural colour I then went in with the ‘Pink’ matte eyeshadow (second row, third from the left) from the palette and slowly defined the brow. If you don’t own a white mascara you could use a white eyeliner on a disposable mascara wand to get the a similar effect, a gel eyeliner that sets would be best but just experiment with what you have.

This palette would be great for pops of colour, but because it is in that mid-tone range, you will need to dip into other palettes for darker shades but I would recommend this palette if your are interested in some of these types of shades.

If you are interested in purchasing it, I do find it works best with a sticky white base (this will help the colours show up more) I recommend the Nyx jumbo pencil in milk because its easier to get, this is what I like to use for making colourful eyeshadows stand out more.

Until next time, I hope you have a lovely day.

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored and doesn’t contain any affiliate links, links included are for reference only in case your interest in purchasing the reviewed product. Read full Disclaimer here.

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