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Ruby Grunge look featuring BYS Berries & Cosmic palette + Review | Life Of Dahlia

I’ve been eyeing off some of the newer BYS products for a while now, I feel like they have totally upped their game since I used them in my teens. I couldn’t resist picking up the Berries & Cosmic eyeshadow palettes when I saw them for $12 at my local Gloss store. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the eyeshadow, especially the mattes they are super soft and buttery and the pigmentation was way better than I expected and they blend beautifully.

As for the shimmers, they are all beautiful however I did feel some disappointment at first because when I first applied I felt like the pigmentation could have been better but I was able to build up the colour and blended well.

I created this look using a combination of colours from both the Cosmic and Berries palette. I blended some of the matte shades from the Berries palette into my crease and on my lid (Sundown and Majestic – crease & transition, Cherry Bomb – lid)  and used Eclipse (all over lid) and Equinox (inner corner) from the Cosmic palette.

I also used the shade Radiance from the Berries palette as a highlight on my cheeks, nose, cupids bow and brow bone.

I realise its hard to see some of these colours in the image because the red is very overpowering and I apologise for my blending but let’s just say I still need practice in this area.


My main interest in grabbing the Berries palette was to see if it was a close dupe to the ABH Modern Renaissance palette and I was totally right the colours are very similar, the only difference is that there are two colours missing but honestly there are a few very similar shades in that palette so they won’t make any difference in the looks you could create.

While I’ve accumulated a few high-end palettes over the last couple of years I am well aware that not everyone can or wants to spend that much on makeup, so I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone interested in adding some warm orange, red or berry tones to their collection.

As for the Cosmic palette, I feel like this is a supplementary palette depending on what you’re looking for in an eyeshadow palette, I guess. This palette is all shimmers so if you like working with a combination of mattes and shimmers then you will have to pull in matte shades from another palette. I feel like this palette has a great range of colours from warm to cool to more colourful shades like purple, green and blue, but I did have to pull in shades from another palette to work with these.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall I’m quite impressed with these palette’s they were way better than I expected and for something that cost me under $15 I was blown away. I would definitely be interested in trying out some more products from BYS Cosmetics, I’ve been eyeing off some of their contour palettes and would love to see how they compare to other affordable brands out there.

I feel like these palettes are great for people just starting out, they are way-way better than the stuff I started out with when I was younger, so I can totally appreciate the nice sturdy metal packaging. But I also think these are a great option for people wanting to try out certain trends. From what I’ve seen they seem to have a great range of palettes from cool to warm to trendy colours.

Would you like to see a comparison of the Berries palette and the ABH Modern Renaissance? with swatches and application.

Hugs & Kisses


P.S BYS Cosmetics are Cruelty-free how great is that, if your interest in checking them out you can find their website here.

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored in any way, I have bought these products with my own money and these views are my own. The links provided are for reference only.

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