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Favourite Clay Face Masks

In the last couple of years, I’ve been getting more into my skin care, being in my late 20’s I feel it important to take care of my skin. When it comes to skincare I prefer to use more natural based products than something that has lots of toxin and chemicals.

My skin care routine has changed over the years, I used to struggle with oilyness, black heads and break outs. When it came to taking care of my skin I struggled with knowing what to use to because there are just so many things out there it can be overwhelming.

But years on I have found some favourite skincare brands that I love and while I feel like my skincare is still pretty simple I like to add in extra things (other than just your standard cleanse and moisturize) like face masks and serums.

Today I’m going to share with you, my favourite face masks. Being that I have combo/oily skin I like to use mostly clay bases masks, So her are my top 3 favourite clay masks.

1. Sukin – Purifying Facial Masque

Sukin has some of my favourite clay masks, I like to use their Purifying facial mask by its self or in combination with their detoxifying mask to get the most out of my skin care.

The Purifying Mask uses a base of Kaolin clay with aloe vera and rose hip to help soothe and hydrate. It’s great for all skin types and has no nasties so its great for sensitive skin. The ingredients in this mask create a gentle treatment to help cleanse, tone and de-stress your skin.

2. Sukin – Detoxifying Clay Masque (super greens)

I love the Sukin ‘Super Greens’ range because it has lots of great ingredients like kale, spirulina and parsley to help detox your skin. I love using this after a week of wearing heaps of makeup, it helps detox my skin after wearing foundation which doesn’t always have the nicest ingredients.

I’ve been loving glowy skin lately and the super greens range helps with a clean, healthy and glowy complexion so I love this mask to help give me that lovely glow look. ( I also recommend their Super Greens Serum.)

Kale, spirulina, parsley and chiorella help with detoxifying and adding a boost of antioxidants and vitamins to help promote healthy, youthful skin. While avocado and baobab help lock in moisture and goji berries encourage a with a glowy dewy complexion.

3. Nutrimetics – Mineral Masque

I feel like I’ve talked about this one before but this is an old favourite I’ve been using this for years. It was the first clay mask I had ever tried back in the day this got me started with liking face masks.

This is a classic style clay mask that helps deep clean your skin which helps reduce excess oils while toning and moisturizing with apricot fruit extracts and soybean oil.


I seriously recommend trying out Sukin as a skin care brand they are quite reasonably priced and have a great range of products that are suitable for different skin types.

Nutrimetics are great If you’re wanting to try something more expensive, they have big skincare range that targets different skin types from acne to anti-aging I believe.

I hope you enjoyed this favourites post? what are your favourite skin care masks?



Sukin can be purchased from different retailers like Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and some pharmacies. However if you are interested to purchase Nutrimetics products you can do this through a consultant or via their website, I find its best to look out for sales with their products as they can be expensive.

Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored in any way, I have bought these products with my own money and these views are my own. The links provided are for reference only.

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