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Kat Von D – Alchemist Palette Review

When I first saw the sneak peek of this on Instagram my jaw dropped, this was one of the most beautiful and unique makeup palettes I had ever seen. I’ve been a big fan of Kat Von D for many years and her creativity is what draws me to her makeup line, I love her line for many reasons including that she looks out for people with all skin tones by creating products that will work for all different skin tones and because her line is cruelty free and vegan.

(I don’t solely by vegan products, I’m not vegan but I know some people are and so I thought that I would mention it, however, I did go cruelty-free last year so this is important to me when purchasing from brands.)


I loved how unique the ‘Alchemist‘ palette is and that’s why I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, when I saw that it was finally coming to Sephora Australia I was screaming with excitement, I knew I just had to have one.

I’ve become quite the makeup collector in the last year or so especially with high-end makeup palettes. Now I’m not the kind of makeup collector that has to have everything that comes out, I like to do my research before purchasing, mainly because of the cost I want to know its good before I spend money on it. I’m more drawn to unique products than your average neutrals palettes that everyone has, which is why I was drawn to the Too Faced ‘Chocolate Bar‘ palettes over the Urban Decay ‘Naked‘ or KVD ‘Shade and Light‘, It just had more of that wow factor to me than the others.

There have been so many highlight type palettes come out over the last year but only a couple really made me excited, the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Moonchild‘ palette and the ‘Alchemist‘ palette, while all of the others are super pretty these ones where the most unique and I knew they would work better for my skin tone than some of the more peachy/gold tones. Unfortunately, I have yet to get my hands on the ‘Moonchild‘ but never say never it might happen one day.


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What I love about the ‘Alchemist‘ palette is that it is a multi-purpose product, you can use it in many ways including as an eyeshadow/topper, highlight or as a lip topper, what more could a girl want. In this palette you get a (blue) Saphyre, (green) Emerald, (ultra-violet) Amethyst and (pink) opal colours to pick from, (I have included finger swatches and cheek swatches in this post so you can see how they show up on skin.)

I can’t really fault this, I mean the cost for what you get is quite high at $50 for 6.12 grams of the product but the product is unique and the packaging is beautiful. I think this price might scare some and I have to admit a couple of years ago I would have questioned it and probably wouldn’t have spent the money on something like this, But overall it’s a great unique product that has great pigmentation and beautifully reflects on the skin, it also would look fabulous on many different skin tones.

I’m going to follow this review with a creative makeup look created with this palette so keep an eye out for that post.

Have you tried the KDV ‘Alchemist’ palette? Did you like it? what looks have you created? I would love to know what you think.


Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored in any way, I have bought these products with my own money and these views are my own. The links provided are for reference only.

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