February 2017 Favourites | lifeofdahlia.com

Febraury 2017 Favourites | Life Of Dahlia

I don’t know the last time I did a favourites post, but I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favourites for the start of 2017. I’ll be sharing my favourite beauty products as well as some of my the music that I’ve been listening to.


I’ve been loving a variety of skin and body care products since the start of the year, including some Lush products that I recently purchased, as well as some products from Nutrimetics, which are one of my favourite brands when it comes to body and skin care.

I received some of their body wash products for Christmas and I’ve been loving them, they are the ‘Mango & Coconut‘ energizing shower gel and exfoliating body scrub from their botanical’s range.

From Lush I have been loving the ‘The Olive Branch‘ shower gel and ‘Pearl‘ massage bar



For skin care, I have been using my ‘foaming face cleanser‘ from Essano, they are a wonderful natural and cruelty-free brand from New Zealand. I’ve been using their products for a couple of years now and love trying out new products when they release them. A recent favourite being their ‘toner mist‘.

I have also been loving the ‘kind to skin‘ cleansing facial wipes from Simple, I used them to cleanse my face and to remove my make-up, they do an amazing job and because they have no alcohol there is no irritation to my skin.


If you can’t already tell my makeup favourite this month is the ‘Sweet Peach‘ collection from Too Faced Cosmetics, I’ve been really enjoying the peach and warm tones in the eyeshadow palette as these are the type of shades I’m usually drawn to. I have also been loving the ‘glow‘ palette from the collection, it perfect for my light complexion and I really like having a bronzer that doesn’t come out too dark on me or make me look like a Oompa Lompa lol. Which is not hard when you are as light as me.

My last beauty fave is the ‘Papa Don’t Peach‘ peach Oil lipgloss from the collection, I’m not a huge fan of lip glosses usually, I’m not big on the stickiness they usually have, it just irks me. But this lip gloss reminds me more of a tinted lip balm and I think that’s why I like it so much.

Music Faves


I’ve been listening to a lot of rock music, which is pretty normal for me, I actually find music with lots of guitar soothing because I can concentrate on that when I’m feeling anxious, I guess it’s a different sort of meditation for me. Anyway, my music faves have been ‘Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators‘, ‘Guns n’ Roses‘ and ‘Halestorm

I have also been listening to some soundtracks featuring the work of ‘Danny Elfman‘ and I love listening to ‘Birdy‘ if I need something more slow and soothing.

What were your favourites this month? Are there any products you have been really loving? What music have you been listening to?


disclaimer: this post is not sponsored, these views are my own. Links are for convenience only.

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Erin Applebee is an Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Beauty Blogger from Adelaide, South Australia. Currently only posting to my beauty blog regularly Life of dahlia.

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