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Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection Review| Life Of Dahlia

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I used to post a lot about make-up, it has been a long time since I have posted about it, not that my interest in makeup has changed but I just strayed from posting about it.

As my first makeup post in over a year, I wanted to share one of my new loves with you. I’ve been a fan of Too Faced Cosmetics for a couple of years now, I have a couple of their chocolate palettes and have received one of their holiday sets for the last couple of years.

Last year Too Faced released the Sweet Peach Palette as a limited edition product, it was very popular globally, but alas I didn’t get one at that time. Due to its popularity, they decided to create a whole collection of products and make them permanent to their line.

In addition to the eyeshadow palette, the collection also contained the new glow palette, a separate blush called ‘Papa don’t peach’ (this was a re-release of an old product but with some modifications) and several peach oil lip glosses.


Because I didn’t get the palette in its previous release I made sure that this time I was going to get one, I got up super early to check the site on its Australian release date and was one of the people that managed to get some of the products in the collection before it sold out.

I was very happy with the customer service that they provided, I received my parcel the next day which I thought was awesome because the parcel was coming from Melbourne to Adelaide I had expected to wait at least 3-5 days to receive it.


I am very much in love with this collection, like I said I have a couple of their chocolate palettes so I’m used to smelly products from them and its one of the things that I think sets them apart from other companies.

I really wish I could send you all a smelligram because this collection smells amazing.

After having a bit of a play the last couple of weeks, I have to say that I pretty much love everything I got from the collection. My only negative is that some of the darker colours in the eyeshadow palette are hard to work with but this might be a big deal for some but I don’t regret buying it because all the other shadows in the palette are pretty amazing.

One product I was surprised I would like was the lip gloss because I’m usually not a huge fan of them because I find them sticky and pretty yuck but this one is very different, it contains peach oil and coconut oil so it’s quite moisturizing, to me it’s more like a liquid lip balm with some pigmentation. I got the colour ‘Papa Don’t Peach’ which is a nice peachy nude.

I haven’t included swatches in this post because there are so many swatches out there already so if your interest in that I can point you in the direction of some. However, I have included some pictures below of a look I created using some of the products from this collection.

Listed below are all the products I used in this look, and apologies the colour isn’t that great I was having issues with white balance and getting the colours to come across accurately.

Extra note on why I love this company, other than the unique products they are Cruelty-Free and also have some vegan products in their line. I try my best to only buy products from companies that are cruelty-free I feel it’s just my little part I can do to make the world better.



FaceKat Von D – lock it foundation , Chi Chi Cosmetics – real minerals finishing powder, Too Faced -Sweet Peach glow palette for bronzer, blush and highlight.

EyesToo Faced – Sweet Peach palette – colours used – white peach, georgia, puree , charmed, I’m sure, peach pit and bless her heart.

Too Faced – Better than sex mascara

Kat Von D – Tattoo liquid liner

LipsToo Faced – Sweet Peach – Peach oil lip gloss.

Australian Stockists

All brands cruelty free, TF & KVD also have vegan products.

Too Faced –

Kat Von D –

Chi Chi Cosmetics – Target, Myer, Chi Chi Cosmetics website.

This post is not sponsored these are my own views and are not associated with Too Faced Cosmetics.

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