Hidden Treasures Round She Goes Pre-loved Fashion Market | Life Of Dahlia

Hidden Treasures – Round She Goes Preloved Fashion Market | Life Of Dahlia

If you’re from Melbourne you may have heard of the Round She Goes Preloved Fashion Market. So Popular owner Emma Morris decided to bring it to Adelaide.

The ‘Round She Goes’ Market has been a major Melbourne market featuring preloved designer and vintage fashion. In May 2012 Round She Goes came to Adelaide and has been a big hit here with the women of Adelaide.

I was fortunate to go to one earlier in the year at the German Club Hall on Flinders St, Adelaide. I was amazed at the turnout, and the quality of garments, there were some major droll worthy pieces at the market.

Each Adelaide Market has around 50 unique stallholders, that sell a range of preloved fashion items.

The next market is to be held on 3 November, Patrons will find a range of amazing vintage jewellery and handmade accessories, there will also be a well-known Adelaide stylist cleaning out her wardrobe and the Red Cross Vintage Store will also have a stall with a special selection of handpicked items. you will also find the market is packed full of shopaholics cleaning out their wardrobes of amazing stuff at bargain prices!

I recently got the chance to ask creator Emma Morris about the markets.

What made you want to start Round She Goes Preloved Fashion Market?

I had tried myself to sell quality clothes at various Melbourne markets but I always found I just didn’t quite get the prices I was hoping for. I had also tried selling online, and I just couldn’t be bothered taking photos, going to the post office and so on.

I felt that there was a real gap for a place for women to sell good quality women’s fashion, as well as gorgeous locally made jewellery and accessories – all in the one place, in a fun atmosphere and not on consignment. We now get twice as many applications to be a stall holder at our Melbourne events as there are spots. Stallholders recognize that our events are a great and easy way to turn unwanted items into cash.

Photography by Two Birds Photography

When did you hold your first market?

Round She Goes started in Melbourne in 2008 and in Adelaide in May 2012.

What made you make the move to start the second market? and why in Adelaide?

I had always wanted to run the event in Adelaide, as this is my original hometown. Adelaide has a few markets but nothing that is specifically women’s fashion. We are a pre-loved designer and vintage, not just one or the other – as I think most women wear a bit of both and wanted a shopping event to reflect this.

Photography by Two Birds Photography

How many people do think to go through your market?

Hundreds and hundreds!

What kind of people do you get interested in selling at your market?

We get an amazing range of women (and occasionally men who specialize in women’s clothing) applying for stalls. Some people buy and sell second-hand clothing as a business, some just want to have a wardrobe clean out and the items are too good to give away, and some women make their own accessories, jewellery or fashion line and Round She Goes is the perfect place to meet their target audience.

Photography by Two Birds Photography

Why do you think Vintage and Second-Hand fashion has become so popular?

I think that the more shops become flooded with cheap clothing imported from overseas, the more women are craving quality and uniqueness. Round She Goes takes the challenge out of searching for unique stuff by putting it all under one roof!
Photography by Two Birds Photography

You will find the next ‘ADELAIDE’ market on Saturday 3 November from 10am – 3pm at the German Club Hall, 223 Flinders Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

And for those in ‘MELBOURNE’ Round She Goes has 100 stalls! you’ll find it on Sunday 18 November, from 10am – 3pm, located at Kingston City Hall (Moorabbin Town Hall) 985 Nepean Highway, Moorabbin, VIC 3189

entry for both markets is $2

So if you’re near Adelaide or Melbourne on these market dates you should definitely check the Round She Goes Market.

Before I go I would just like to say thanks to Emma Morris for letting me do a feature on her market and Two Birds Photography for the beautiful images provided.

Look out for some more of Adelaide’s Hidden Treasures very soon.


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